Why Does the IRS Keep Telling Everyone that Income Tax is VOLUNTARY – Steve Hempfling – 2010

Director of the Free Enterprise Society for over 20 years has been searching for the Law that requires the average American to file and pay the Federal Incom…



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  1. Thomas Graham says:

    Please look at this document before you do something stupid like not pay
    your taxes.
    Also know that there is a difference between being found not guilty of the
    criminal offense of willful tax evasion (if your too stupid to know you owe
    taxes, you won’t be thrown in jail) and any reduction of your civil
    liability to pay that taxes you haven’t paid in the past.
    You can point me to literally hundreds of cases where the judge found the
    defendant not guilty of criminal willful tax evasion and I can show you the
    exact same defendants having their homes taken away, their retirement
    accounts and children’s college funds sucked dry by the IRS to get the
    money that is legally owed to the US. Just because you are not guilty of a
    crime, that does not relieve you of your civil liability to pay your back

  2. skinpro2000 says:

    You have the ID that you use instead of a license, can you get the DMV to
    give you California exempt license plates for your car if you are not doing
    commerce? So that police won’t harras you?

  3. Rod Knocker says:

    License Tax Cases? You had to reach for that misdirection ploy huh Squiddy?
    Losthorizons proven accurate as usual. Thanks Squiddy.

  4. Rod Knocker says:

    Yes source of taxable receipts aka gains as seen in Losthorizons. Squiddy u
    prove LH correct with every comment. Thank you.

  5. RetSquid says:

    “It is true that the power of Congress to tax is a very extensive power. It
    is given in the Constitution with only one exception and only two
    qualifications. Congress cannot tax exports, and it must impose direct
    taxes by the rule of apportionment and indirect taxes by the rule of
    uniformity. Thus, limited, and thus only, it reaches every subject, and may
    be exercised at discretion.” License Tax Cases, 72 U.S. 462, 471 (1866)

  6. RetSquid says:

    “Congress applied no limitations as to the source of taxable receipts, nor
    restrictive labels as to their nature. And the Court has given a liberal
    construction to this broad phraseology in recognition of the intention of
    Congress to tax all gains except those specifically exempted.” Commissioner
    v. Glenshaw GlassCo., 348 U.S. 426, 429-30 (1955).

  7. Rod Knocker says:

    Squiddy is regularly talking crap (lies) but he never mentioned full of
    (bleep) or any percentages.

  8. Rod Knocker says:

    Been on infowars too long? You and RetSquid are dillusional.

  9. Rod Knocker says:

    The laws do not say what you think Squiddy. You take the wording from the
    16th out of context to apply to anything. They were refering to what
    already was taxable just made it clear the “source” didnt matter. And the
    laws explain what the “source” is and it isnt my private earnings. Look at
    all these pretty refund checks on Losthorizons. The law knows the truth,
    the irs does too so Squiddy its time you do.

  10. RetSquid says:

    Yep, an excise tax on your receipt of income from any source, public or

  11. RetSquid says:

    I absolutely know he is full of shit. Why don’t you go look at Occam’s

  12. serger2010 says:

    Don’t have a closed mind you just don’t know 100% if he is full of shit or

  13. Rod Knocker says:

    That’s imposed on every individual but not for everything. It’s a specified
    criteria. It’s an excise tax so get it right Squiddy

  14. Rod Knocker says:

    LOSTHORIZONS com for the truth. RetardSquid quit spreading deception.
    That’s posed

  15. bradley knight says:

    Love it, funny video, defiantly has comedy value

  16. Luna Fly says:

    more like 99% of them! A town in England did it! Then again, with most
    brainwashed, and stuck on stupid, not likely! Even those it is against your
    precious Amendments one by one with people letting them against Income
    TAX!I hope you are not a sheep!

  17. xinecal law says:

    O.O ….WTF!!!! Thats an excellent idea, thank you for posting that, it
    made my day!

  18. KillNWOscumbags says:

    aliens are propaganda, space lasers were not used or necessary to demolish
    a few buildings. you are either severely confused or working as cointelpro.
    good try though troll.

  19. RetSquid says:

    Supreme Court cases on UFOs and “molecular-dissociation beams”?

  20. Cincy Guy says:

    Have u ever read any of the Supreme Court Decisions regarding this issue?

  21. RetSquid says:

    Section 1 imposes the income tax on every individual. Section 61 show some
    kinds of income that are taxed, a salary and wages are listed first
    ‘compensation for services’. I’ve never heard of ‘irs 29’, but the income
    tax is not voluntary.

  22. Cincy Guy says:

    What about Irs 29 that says all taxes are on a “voluntary compliance”
    basis? If it’s voluntary why are we forced to file under threat of personal
    and financial harm?

  23. RetSquid says:

    Right, how long have you had his problem of disassociation from reality?

  24. Procommenter says:

    To the president of F.P. & L. : I will not allow your radioactive spy meter
    (“smart” meter) to be installed on my house. What are you going to do about

  25. Procommenter says:

    ? (?????)(?????) “Liberty is not free but it is a bargain compared to the
    cost of slavery. In the United States of America today, we pay for our
    slavery with tax audits, assessments, levies and seizures, with
    imprisonment and with fear. Mankind has been tormented and plundered by
    tyrants throughout his tenure on

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