Warren Buffett: Read My Lips, Raise My Taxes

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  1. auu2009 says:

    Mrs Warren buffett,you are my hero.you are smart kind,with a big heart.hard
    to find someone like you in this world today.

  2. Geraldo23chief says:

    Write a check and shutup you phoney.

  3. InterpreDemon says:

    There is no law against this idiot writing a check to the US treasury that
    represents whatever increased rate he thinks he should be paying. But
    instead, he’s fighting the IRS right now over prior year taxes. He’s just
    another liberal billionaire phony who will not lead by example.

  4. sensur1 says:

    @falcondriver100 source please

  5. RedPaladin says:

    This guy likes DQ so much he bought it. 🙂

  6. falcondriver100 says:

    @donatshabani May I suggest that before you come on youtube & try to insult
    someone, you learn how to spell first? “more off a prgressive”? “then
    Obama”? “have not been doing”? “form the south”? GODDAMM”? Lmao!! EPIC FAIL!

  7. Drahthaar422 says:

    @derfred123 Bingo. He can just write a check for whatever amount will make
    him feel less guilty.

  8. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @jrwel14 you’re defending him which (I assume) is because you understand
    his reasoning and agree with it. Given that, you ought to be able to answer
    simple questions relating to his position. Unless he writes a check to the
    Feds for taxes he believes he needs to pay, he’s a hypocrite. Given he
    wants more money taken from the private sector in the form of proposed
    taxes, how does that make jobs being created more likely in the private
    sector? The answer is it doesn’t.

  9. FortNikitaBullion says:

    The solution is to tax consumption while cutting taxes on investments and
    incomes. Tax the yachts and big mansions and SUV’s that these rich people
    will buy anyway. Encourage people to do the right thing and make wise
    investment decisions.

  10. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @tathman Obamacare is on the horizon, and all businessmen and investors
    know it. If they know they’re going to be out more money, that’s going to
    impact expansions and investments right now. I’m not defending Bush II on
    spending. However, Obama has now exceeded Bush II in the deficits.
    Furthermore, I didn’t see Obama coming up with any plan to pay for any of
    his extra spending. It’s not a proper plan of action to double down on what
    the last guy did wrong and try to blame him for it.

  11. whyshouldiworrynow says:

    Warren Buffet is my hero!!

  12. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @jrwel14 Buffet is a liar and a grandstanding one at that. If he’s so
    adamant about needing to pay more taxes, then why doesn’t he write out a
    check right now? Clinton had a surplus because he had to deal with a GOP
    Congress adamant on making spending cuts. Clinton’s proposed budgets up to
    that point in late 1994 NEVER BALANCED. Furthermore, there was the tech
    bubble which spurred growth. When the bubble popped, the economy went down
    into recession.

  13. Ryan Lindgren says:

    @FriendsInRedSatin1 The economic downturn began years before Obama took
    office. The seeds were already sown by Bush II. In order to save the
    country from further collapse, Obama, as presidents have done in the past,
    issued an economic stimulus package. Unfortunately for Obama, the amount
    needed to curb the decline was an astronomical amount, reflecting the
    crippling condition left by his predecessor. ‘Obamacare’ had absolutely
    nothing to do with the crisis. he is fixing the problem as we speak.

  14. 3dartistguy says:

    but Reagan created more than 21 million jobs during his presidency…people
    were working UNLIKE NOW. and maybe just maybe the defict was caused by the
    Spendocrats in the HOUSE and Senate who controlled Congress back then and
    just insisted on spending more than we were taking in…Reagan gave them
    high employment and the Spendocrats in Congress gave us huge deficits…how
    nice of them to do that…even JFK cut taxes to spur economic growth in the
    1960s which put people back to work…

  15. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @jrwel14 when Buffet says things that are clearly nonsensical, yes, I do.
    When he refuses to put his money where his mouth is by writing a check to
    Uncle Sam, that shows even he doesn’t believe the nonsense he says.

  16. Ryan Lindgren says:

    @FriendsInRedSatin1 the issue is not whether taxes should be raised on the
    common people and the poor, but whether they should be raised on the
    extremely rich. Not allowing congress to increase taxes on the super rich
    extends the length of the recession and makes it appear as though Obama is
    unable to bring us out of it. basically, to make him look bad, so we will
    elect another republican. we suffer so they can be back on top. they do
    this to stifle the rebuilding of america for THEIR gain.

  17. falcondriver100 says:

    @donatshabani Yeah you are! LMAO!

  18. whyshouldiworrynow says:

    Did you actually here his interviews? He’s talking about people who live on
    investments! They don’t create jobs! They don’t pay employment taxes! They
    don’t pay the % their maids do!

  19. Vomit Blue says:

    Wow, let’s not control our spending, NOoooooooooooooooooooo, just increase
    taxes. Brilliant idea & completely stupid.

  20. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @jrwel14 Buffet is a liar who loves to get attention, nothing more. All a
    person has to do to see that is to see the growth rates after the Bush II
    tax cuts went into effect. The reason why growth is generated is because
    people will put their money into the economy one way or the other. The
    reason why Clinton had a surplus at the end of the 1990’s was because of 1)
    a GOP Congress that held him to some fiscal responsibility and 2) the tech
    bubble boom. Let Buffet write a check now.

  21. Ryan Ramsook says:

    koch brother dislike this video along with mayor bloomberg

  22. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @tathman that tax cuts generate economic activity isn’t difficult to
    understand. If people have more money, they will spend it, invest it, put
    in the bank, etc. which will generate economic activity and create jobs. It
    happened under JFK, under Reagan, and under Bush II. I don’t know of anyone
    blaming the recession on Obama, but he certainly has made it worse and has
    made it last longer than it should have through his policies (Obamacare,
    record deficits, etc.).

  23. mudshark jones says:

    @BErectus this is such an empty pathetic argument perpetuated by the right
    wing shit heads at fox . all of warrens wealth will not knock a dent in
    Americas problems and within weeks even the tiny effect it had will
    evaporate .the problem of disparity in your society needs to be addressed
    for the long term and that is the point .but if you asked me personally to
    give more? my answer would be yes, providing every one who can afford it
    will i am up for it .but just me? whats the point?

  24. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    @jrwel14 hiking up taxes now in the middle of a bad economy could very well
    push the economy back into recession or worse. (Hoover did that back in the
    day, and look how well that turned out.) Hiking taxes would cause lower
    spending which would lower the demand for goods. That would lead to more
    jobs being shed which would, in turn, actually lower tax revenues going to
    the govt. Depressed economies aren’t cash cows. Tax cuts do create jobs
    through more spending, investment, etc.

  25. califbozo says:

    DEAR RUSH—I’ll feel sorry for the rich paying taxes as soon as they
    become my neighbors in the trailer park

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