WARNING! some may find this video offensive, [Obama, lies,spies,and taxes]

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  1. joust671 says:

    More, More,? MORE !

  2. lostpebble says:

    Even the people are noticed and expressed their verbal dissent, what different does it make!? zilch, absolutely nothing!! I often feel that freedom to express dissent in itself has been used by the establishment to make people feel good about themselves, to give the impression that they are still free, or as a safety switch for their angers. How often do you hear people making the statement “At least we can? still speak freely..” lol Land of the free, freedumb that is.

  3. enddebtslavery says:

    Nicely done? 🙂

  4. snowfallzz says:

    What was that movie with John Travolta and Hugh Jackman?? Swordfish?? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Butch Cassidy says:

    Great video but I would have liked? it even more if the lady were Michelle Obama – wait, I’ll just imagine that she is.

  6. franks2732 says:

    LOL really I could? not tell. I was too busy LMFAO. Great video!!

  7. franks2732 says:

    There is no rule the rules are set by YT and by the owner of this channel. I did not say you could not comment. I asked you why you watched or commented on this video. You could at anytime freely stopped watching and moved on with your life. But you chose to stay. It is a fair call to ask “why” you are? commenting. I did not say you could not do so. Fuckhead

  8. Skeptic87 says:

    I swear? I’ve seen tenebroust on Thom Hartmann or my imagination.

  9. rick p says:

    You know what I love about this world? This country is being looted, burned to the ground and locked down. Yet, people seem not to notice? and are instead arguing about commentary on a “you tube” video that will neither change the world situation or cure one single disease. America, we truly are a modern miracle chocked full to the brim with an army that specializes in perfidy and Schrecklichkeit on it’s self and the rest of the world.

  10. rick p says:

    Hi Ted, the data being collected is for selective enforcement. It’s a grab-bag the authorities can reach into when you and them come in contact. Like, if you decide to protest something, post a comment, write an editorial comment to your hometown newspaper, or just refusing to comply with an officers orders to get on your knees and blow him, In other words, the data being collected is to make every citizen keep their heads down and to keep their mouths closed and obey. Why is? the girl there?

  11. bryphi77 says:

    Is that a new rule on youtube?… That? we can only comment on vids that we agree with. I must have missed that memo. I always thought people wanted to get all opinions on a topic… not just those in agreement.

    If you reread my comment it should be pretty obvious why I made it… Since I sate the reason directly in it.

  12. william clarke says:

    good example of how we lose sight of a topic and become distracted from important issues as we all? get sucked dry….

  13. franks2732 says:

    Are you an adult? Do you have the ability to chose not to watch this video?? If the answer is yes to both questions then Why the Fuck are you commenting?

  14. Barnekkid says:

    What’s really weird is? she looks like your sister or something.

  15. es47112 says:

    Only 4 minutes, that was fast?

  16. Sholari Fenway says:


  17. malahat21 says:

    im glad there are still people with the balls to speak up for whats right in this world. good on you sir, keep it up!?

  18. thebellatheball says:

    lol, ever do that with the wig on? j/k 🙂 Stay funny, Ted. :)?

  19. armour2king says:

    well you know that world war 3 is coming up…some serious? shit right there, so I think it’s a good idea to stay focused.
    Anyways, are your ancestors from Croatia somewhere? Torbi? sounds Croatian

  20. swaneeusa3 says:

    Wow!!! She looks just? like you.

  21. lostpebble says:

    This would have been better had the camera panned to Bamby at the end? to show what she was doing or not doing actually. And a thank you from Bamby following your would have wrapped thing up quite nicely, better context I supposed. My 2 cents worth!

  22. Grogar Fanfir says:

    … but when shes at her work, this reminds me of? Sandy Hook parents. The emotion is not right there, where it should be. Certain emotions require certain responses. If they are missing, the presenter in question will be questioned from the lack of emotion.

  23. Grogar Fanfir says:

    MAN!? Awesome xD

  24. David Ross says:

    I found? this offensive. Keep it up.

  25. joust671 says:

    How can you keep? a straight face while your getting your pecker polished ? lol !

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