War Comes to America (full film)

Frank Capra and Dimitri Tiomkin had a part in this series of films from the Army’s Office of the Chief Signal Officer. This is Part Seven of the orientation series “Why We Fight” called “War Comes to America” and tells the tale of a reluctant America drawn into battlegrounds of World War II. Transcript (PDF): archives.gov Watch all the shorts, or “War Comes to America” in its entirety right here on our National Archives YouTube channel: www.youtube.com MORE INFORMATION: More information is available in the National Archives online catalog: arcweb.archives.gov



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  1. ernesdee2o916 says:

    @mikerowphone Cause America is greedy and want to control on the resource and make all if not most of the profit than to let other countries control it.

  2. WaffenSSMg42 says:

    Why you fought? and still fighting?for jews,you stoopid idiots.Some day,I hope you gonna pay for crimes against white brothers.Defenders of jewocracy.

  3. GCarty80 says:


    Even the highest estimates for the pre-Columbian American population (about 110 million total in North and South America) put only 5 million of those north of the Rio Grande. And the vast majority of the American Indians were killed by white man’s diseases, not white man’s bullets.

  4. 425jeonsa says:

    Amazing film.

  5. EztliAztecatl says:

    So… why they fought and fight today? to help establish the NWO read Morals And Dogma by the American Freemason Albert Pike. This Video was and is, nothing more than a brainwashing tool! have you guys notice that the poor are the ones who always fight and die in wars? and after the conflicts end they remain poor or dead! hahahhaaa patriotism what a crock of shite!

  6. angwon360 says:

    the spaniard,the first to roam the west,lol

  7. mikerowphone says:

    … so, why did we fight? 🙂

  8. TUPEGURU says:

    they must change the name of this movie to ” how to act like nazi ”

  9. minusblame says:

    I read all the comments. dorshame

  10. 1asdfsa says:

    A free country is not a free country when so many people must die because you think you are the best. you can’t make peace with war. and so on….

  11. westchesterny says:

    LOL— with the Emma Lazarus poem. She was very zionist and wrote zionist poetry, toward a complete jewish state (unlike the diversity she advocated for america). Her father, Moses, not only owned slaves but mistreated them (see Emma Lazarus in her World by the Jewish Publication Society). The Negro Labor Management Board approached his concerns; also a booze business that poisoned folks in what is now Chelsea NY/ they lived in manhattan, though the cane plantation was in Lousiana.

  12. westchesterny says:

    @LiberalImperalist Lol, Frank Capra made this in between It’s a Wonderful Life, You Can’t Take It With You, and Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington, as well as ten other movies. He was great with drama. Oh right! He took off that movie “fiction hat” and put on his “non-fiction movie hat.” Is “free” really just having a “lot” of stuff? lol

  13. LiberalImperalist says:

    America is a free country, that means there’s bound to be a lot of opinions, religions, races and ideals. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, not just in race and religion, but in ethic and idealism. Sadly though our freedom has rarely been truly threatened by a foreign enemy. It is most often encroached upon by fellow Americans, who having never tasted oppression themselves, strike at ideals that go against yours. Free speech is about the universal right to discuss & exchange ideals

  14. WarThug13 says:

    @StillStricken you cant be serious right? your joking. Do you know what he separation of church and state is?

  15. StillStricken says:

    @WarThug13 What do you mean? This country was formed on the Christian bible, so it is American to keep UNDER GOD in the pledge. otherwise we might as well call ourselves nothing better than these middle east degenerates.

  16. WarThug13 says:

    @StillStricken more like its only american without the “under god”

  17. TSAR373 says:


  18. mm19111 says:

    The “under God” was not put into the pledge until the Eisenhouer administration.

  19. StillStricken says:

    WHAT THE HAPPENED TO “UNDER GOD?” I refuse to say the pledge without “under God”. It’s unamerican.

  20. 61TUNER says:


  21. neil33491 says:

    I was born in 1950 – not far from this time. I grew up with war stories around the supper table and an understanding that there was black and white, evil and good, and that we were the good and of course we won. I have learned, now, that there is mostly grey. The good comes in the everyday doing…..not in philosophical or religious stances that only separate and label.

  22. Brutalbanani says:

    Thumps yp if you clicked this cause of the lenght!

  23. WolfArden44 says:

    @NCAJAX FYI. I’m not a full blown socialist. I actually have a few right wing views. So, this is how you talk to people who disagree with you; get vile and harass people eh.

  24. NCAJAX says:

    @WolfArden44 I bet life has ass fucked you so hard little piggy that you can look up your asshole and see the sun. So do you squeal like a proper liberal socialist when life is sliding its cock in and out of your fat little piggy asshole?

  25. FeignofCordor says:

    A time when men knew there enemy and stood ready to defend there liberties

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