Walk For Liberty Day 183 – If Taxes Are Necessary, Why Do Most People Try To Avoid Paying Them?

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  1. bob bobby says:

    “There is a lot of jealousy connected to taxes, for some people” – So? If
    its acceptable for some people to desire low taxes (due to greed), then why
    isn’t it acceptable for others to want high taxes (as a result of
    jealousy). You can’t criticise the motives of one side and not the other.

  2. txballoonman says:

    Taxation is theft. It is all theft. It is all bad. It is all criminal.

  3. MikeforLiberty says:

    High taxes, you’re in NY now, the home of high taxes.

  4. jeffcarruthers says:

    i guess you gave up on selling the motorhome to downsize. probably easier
    than messing with it and you are almost THERE…I’m guessing you’re halfway
    through ny now.. way to go, what are your thoughts as you near the end?

  5. Carolscasa says:

    Unlike buying something at Walmart, taxes don’t give you something tangible
    to take home or even say, “I purchased that.” Jake looks waaaay too
    comfortable there!

  6. basspig says:

    Taxation is stealing, that’s why people try to avoid them.

  7. txballoonman says:

    Then there are people like Michael Moore who claim they support a 95% tax
    for the rich: if he really believed it were a good idea, wouldn’t he be
    sending in 95% of his pay voluntarily to the government to set an example?
    There is a lot of jealousy connected to taxes, for some people.

  8. gemhunter99 says:

    I think most folks think taxes are necessary…but everyone else should pay
    em, not me…

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