TYT – Extended Clip – May 6, 2011

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  1. greeny202a says:

    @Graham6762 Actually Canada’s oil field is the biggest.

  2. kenneth61russell says:

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  3. brasswhombat says:

    oh…. the irony of calling santorum a bigot; right after you attack paul’s position on gay marriage. YOU SIR ARE THE BIGOT

  4. Katee5835 says:

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  5. Graham6762 says:

    The artic has 1/3 of the worlds oil. The US has the biggest oil reserves in the world. They purposely want to destroy the country.

  6. TheThordir says:

    24:44 – what about intercrural sex, frottage, masturbation, and other non-penetrative ways of having sex ?

  7. ldmonahan1 says:

    Isnt it goodfellows pizza?

  8. JunkeeDrugee says:

    I love Ana 🙂 I miss her. lol

  9. BrandonClapp74 says:

    Total tool guess in his racist views a black man can’t choose to be republican he a moron! And like most idiots who want to call someone eleses a biggiot is if I’m white and don’t like Obama it must be cause I’m a KKK, Skin Head, or some other group. Yet its him who can’t seem to believe a Black Man can be a republican.

  10. BeNNzuFG says:

    Ben, the first two minutes were awesome. I thought you finally went to speech class or something. Then got back to this “ehh” thing, which is fricken ANNOYING! If you don’t know what to say, just speak slower and change gear in your speaking. But I can see the progress nevertheless. Keep going!

  11. SeriouslyPissedOff says:

    @butterchip That’s what laws are for? Controlling what you do with your own body? The Tuatara lizard’s evolution is more progressive than you. If I got your fatass wife pregnant, would you want her to get an abortion? Or would you live with the bastard child forever tormenting your progressive lifestyle. Most of which includes you sitting your ass joking about potato chips. I’ll fuck you with my shotgun before you can post another retarded faux-liberal comment.

  12. dcanmore says:

    I love Ana.

  13. IBMeddling says:

    Libertarians got no business in the White House because they love freedom. Freedom has no place in the United States! (sarcasm)

  14. bdmenne says:

    “Libertarians got no business in the White House, because they won’t keep the roads paved” – that is an erudite summation, Not. That is the best you got?
    Actually, you are right Libertarians have no “BUSINESS” in the whitehouse like the Libs and NeoCons do, because Libertarians do not want to give our country to Corps and Govs to destroy.

  15. sobeboyzz says:

    Apparently Ben is someone who only causes strong opinions.

  16. ChallengerGuy22 says:

    Ben one more button or an undershirt maybe both just trying to help you out

  17. nxnja says:

    Gary Johnson 2012

  18. butterchip says:

    I hate when they joke about abortion! Iam a strong progressive but disagree with abortion for most cases, it is used as birth control by alot of people and it’s wrong. That’s what laws are for.

  19. 1Kelbag1 says:

    Its So weird that the same guys that make laws telling doctors what to do will spout propaganda about socialised medicine and government controlling healthcare. I work in the NHS and there’s no way they’d try to make rules like that. Terrible double standard.

  20. sicklesickle says:

    @Etimos lol. I’m glad I didn’t have to type all that

  21. unabomberman says:


    Jeez, tell us how you feel.

    Dude, those laws can be anti gay but necessarily. Those crazy fucks that wrote them hated pretty much anything that wasn’t misisonary.

  22. NeccoWecco says:

    I love when Ben hosts because we get titles like “Dumb bigot” lol

  23. Etimos says:

    @ThomYorkesHead I’m not pissed off, I just swear a lot.

  24. ThomYorkesHead says:

    @Etimos You’re right about the New Orleans law, but holy shit chill out.

  25. YoJimBoHugabaJoe says:

    man that ana really is dumb.she should just go back to showing off the cleavage

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