Tim Cook Talks Taxes – D11 Conference

At the D11 conference, Tim Cook explains to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher why he saw his appearance before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigatio…
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  1. Adam Bumber says:

    that lady is a bitch let people? get excited jesus

  2. Isaac Grant says:

    Tim Cook is awesome. I trust apple keeping my tax? money more than the government.

  3. theshonen8899 says:

    This slimy fuck. Shiftiest interview I’ve ever seen in my life.?

  4. kurolap says:

    Fair tax FTW! 0% tax on income replaced with a national sales tax. Companies would have NO reason to go off shore, cost of goods sold to retailers will be decreased because the? sales tax is only added to the end purchase so the true good of products/services will stay roughly the same.

  5. NestleWaters88 says:

    2m34s? lol : )

  6. Steven Fleming says:

    is your current news source not Dynamic enough for you? Check out a new fast place to get? news on my channel!

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