This Is Why You Pay Your Taxes

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  1. Adam Belis says:

    OMG dont put marker sound in your videos this is unlistenable

  2. TwasARoughNight says:

    The time when a person works 42 years at $43,000/ year is over. This
    oversimplification of one’s life employment cannot stand anymore as a basis
    for arguing the pros of taxation.

  3. asuliberty says:

    The makers of these videos are such leftists. It’s unbearable. “We pay
    taxes because government programs need them.” of course, but do we need all
    government programs? Why can’t we make the participation in the program
    voluntary and attach a price to in order to control consumption.

  4. asuliberty says:

    If scarcity is a real concern, than controlling consumption is as well.
    This is why we have prices. As supply falls and demand remains consistent,
    prices rise. It’s a self- sustaining operation.

  5. Andru D. Ted says:

    and leave the head out as well, keep only the hand

  6. Em Chan says:

    A proper criticism of this video is impossible to fit within the 500
    character limits of facebook. I suggest you head over to
    fb/SpeakLibertyNow/posts/334882553300784 This goes to both viewers, and the
    individuals who produced the video.

  7. Em Chan says:

    * of youtube, not fb. Derp

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