The Truth About Taxes

At this point I just don’t know what to say anymore, if people won’t believe facts and hang onto lies and intentionally mislead, you have to ask WHY? for edu…



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  1. shywry says:

    I cannot begin to discribe the contempt I have for Romney!

  2. 487shawn says:

    I often help out with the homeless as well, if your athiest, christian,
    muslim, jew, we are called by our humanity to give a damm, this man has no

  3. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    Interesting I’m looking at his tax return right now. Even the shrill Pelosi
    thinks this tax return issue is bullshit. It’s no different than the idiots
    demanding to see Obama’s transcripts!

  4. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    He’s got a sorta chicken and egg thing going on…you can have all the
    middle class consumers in the world demanding products and services but
    with no capital invested in making the products or providing the services
    it does you no good. He is right that it is very circular and one can not
    survive without the other but which comes first demand or supply? That
    depends on the product or service.

  5. docatomics says:

    …don’t use my tax money for murder & destruction !

  6. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    It would be nice if we lived in the very black and white world he describes
    but the truth is a healthy economy needs both middle class consumers and
    capital/investment to prosper. The truth is that this balance is best found
    on its own without governments trying to force balance at certain levels of
    demand or supply. Not all entrepreneurs understand the workings of Macro
    Economics some have an idea that is so good they succeed with little to no
    understanding of business/economics.

  7. 487shawn says:

    Romney has no core, what drives this man is greed and he has lived in a
    bubble since the day he was born

  8. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    Some products and services people demand so a supplier enters the market to
    provide it…other products and services there is no demand for until it is
    brought to market. Most consumer goods have no demand until consumers are
    offered them…classic example are most electronic products have no demand
    until introduced to market and that takes capital…on the other hand
    healthcare services had a demand well before the first Doctor or Hospital

  9. SuxorAoeBj says:

    I only clicked this because I saw it was a TED talk. But it was worth my

  10. 487shawn says:

    as always seamore thanks for the support, I always hope people of common
    sense can see thru this jelloman! who is running for president for personal
    ego and nothing else there is no substance

  11. 1980albatros says:

    Damn good video, cheers my friend. You’ve made my day, for I and my son
    just handed out some food and money to our nearby homeless folks. We do
    this everyday and never think twice about it, its always a good day when
    someone gets to eat and gets some funds to help out for the next day as
    well }:)

  12. 487shawn says:

    Thank you , yes he’s a multi-billionaire who started hundreds of business
    and now uses his money in charity and education, this man believes for
    those who have been given much, much is demanded, a true human

  13. AthenasConquest says:

    I want my tax cut

  14. kamalalovely says:

    The hypocrisy of Romney chastising Americans for not paying income tax
    while simultaneously refusing to publicly release his own income taxes is

  15. 1980albatros says:

    Exactly the point. I’m an Atheist, my son as well. We are both caring and
    loving individuals. Our differences should never come between our morals.

  16. seamoremonster says:

    Excellent work Shawn. Kudos buddy!

  17. 487shawn says:

    Thank you, most miss that there are two parts to the middle class taxes,
    the payroll taxes and income taxes and even with the ones who don’t pay
    income tax they still pay payroll taxes, romney doesn’t pay payroll tax
    only investment taxes and pays less as a percentage than most of those who
    pay payroll tax, the height of hipocrisy!

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