The Problem With Property Taxes

Attorney Robert Hale of Empower The Taxpayer of North Dakota talks about the key principles regarding property taxes, and what makes the regressive property …



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  1. Indiana Joe says:

    “Empower the taxpayer”?? ? A taxpayer is one that is liable to pay a tax. You cannot empower a taxpayer. Property taxes alienates an inalienable right to property. People are not taxpayers, they are the sovereigns. And “Democracy” is WRONG. We are a republic being ran as a democracy. Which basically is mob rule with no regard to individual rights.

  2. sang3Eta says:

    Council tax (UK) and Property tax (USA) is a regressive tax, it takes no account? of income and you ability to pay, so it effectively becomes a tax on your savings until they are depleted.

  3. Indiana Joe says:

    The legislatures make up a term called ‘taxpayer’. Taxpayers are who owes taxes. ? Does the state constitution give the legislature the power to re-define the man? You are presumed to be a ‘taxpayer’, yet in my state, taxpayers are defined as a business within the tax code.

  4. TheRoidemortetfleur says:

    also property taxes vary so much. now with the internet you can easily see what your? neighbor is paying and generally it’s much less. Yes some are paying more but something you got to watch and fight cause the burden is vary blundered. Some near me are paying $80 and just two house down $2000.

  5. mikejohns777 says:

    That is 100% true if that tenant is paying rent and not receiving some kind of social welfare program benefit like Section 8 vouchers.

    There are also situations where a single family home with perhaps 2 bedrooms and a basement winds up becoming a lodge with 20 people living in it. That COULD potentially be putting a burden on the system as well…especially the education system if children are in that household.

    In? my state the property tax burden is very high.

  6. magrathean0 says:

    “There is a problem with those “services” expand and start including people receiving those services but do not pay for them”?
    However, bear in mind you don’t have to be paying the property tax directly to be paying for the services you get. The value of services will be included in the market rent and so a section of rents collected by landlords will be payments made by tenants for services. The tenant could be paying no tax at all and still paying for all the services he is getting

  7. magrathean0 says:

    “The property tax? on land isn’t discounted in the price of buying land either.”
    A price will rise in response to (say) a sales tax because the reduced payment to the producer for a sale turns into reduced? supply (increased scarcity). The same doesn’t apply to land because land isn’t produced, so its scarcity /supply is fixed. As land’s supply is fixed, a change in the price of land is determined solely by a change in demand so the buyer pays the same (the price + tax) with or without tax.

  8. magrathean0 says:

    “A consumption tax doesn’t reduce demand producers experience and it doesn’t result in scarcity. WTF?”

    If the price experienced by the seller is different from the cost experienced by the? buyer, then they are experiencing different parts of the same demand curve in the same transaction. Ie the demand curve looks different to the seller than it does to the buyer.

  9. mikejohns777 says:

    I think you failed economics.

    A consumption tax MIGHT be paid by a producer if that producer requires goods that have a consumption? tax on it. Of course, the price of that tax will go right into the cost of the product and ultimately be paid for by consumers anyway.

    A consumption tax doesn’t reduce demand producers experience and it doesn’t result in scarcity. WTF?

    The property tax on land isn’t discounted in the price of buying land either. It can have an impact on some prices, not all.

  10. magrathean0 says:

    A consumption tax does tax producers despite its name. A consumption tax taxes producers by reducing? the demand they experience and it taxes consumers by increasing the scarcity (and so price) of goods and services. Property taxes vary depending on their precise nature, but a tax on land values paid by the owner is discounted in the buying price of land – so doesn’t have any negative knock-on price-scarcity effects (the scarcity of land is constant)

  11. mikejohns777 says:

    I think property taxes are valid. If you belong to a community, I think you have an obligation to pay for basic services the government provides. Now if you can offset those taxes with other taxes to eliminate the tax…I’m fine with that as well.

    There is a problem with those “services” expand and start including people receiving those services but do not pay for them. Those people vote in a way that demand more money from those paying taxes… resulting in a? serious problem.

  12. mikejohns777 says:

    Consumption tax is not a tax on producers. It is a tax on consumers. That’s why it is called a consumption tax.

    Producers always pass down the costs of taxes to the consumer so any tax that hits producers is? ultimately paid for by the end consumer of their products or services. Property tax on a business goes into the price of their goods and services as well.

  13. dick armstrong says:

    So what do you do when Billionaires and Corporations come up to North Dakota and buy up all the land and use it as a tax free holding scheme….. So don’t you think that would create Feudal system where the mega elite would own all land??? Don’t you also think its dangerous/strange that its in a state that’s having a oil boom??? I do support abolition of property tax but the common man needs? PROTECTIONS from the government so that land isn’t MONOPOLIZED

  14. 66kerekes says:

    Sadly this govt. bullshit makes homeownership a big fucking joke!!!!!!! Try to? improve yourself YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ArtofBliss says:

    Churches? and homesteads are exempt from propert tax. Just start a church.

  16. magrathean0 says:

    The tithe owed by the landowner to the government for land is a mirror reflection of the government enforced tithe the landowner claims other members of the community owe him for use of the? land. In isolation, neither makes moral sense, but together they bal;lance each othert out. Consumption taxes are just another tax on producers – landowners tend to argue that tax should be paid by producers, but it makes little economic sense. .

  17. Mega Niche University says:

    Check out my? Video on how I saved $750 on my property tax. I actually wouldn’t mind paying a small sum for the cause, but they simply just rape you senseless so they can afford their $2 million vacation.

  18. MRBLACKPEARL04 says:

    Terrorists, Slavery , extortion. Soldiers need to realize who is the real enemy.?

  19. oJKBo says:

    Yes,? taxation is literally slavery

  20. oJKBo says:

    Property taxes are unconstitutional? That’s odd considering property taxation existed in a dozen states when the people who ratified and contributed to the creation of the constitution lived. The property owners owe rent to those who do not? own property for the privilege of cultivating the land, and taking away the natural ownership that all people have.

  21. Andrew Lin says:

    ALL taxes are slavery. By definition, a tax tells? you what you need to spend your hard-earned money on.

  22. PistolPackingPatriot says:

    I also reject their automatic premise that the property tax would have to be? offset by increasing taxes in other areas. “Screw the People.” That’s the inescapable premise of ever-growing gubmint. There’s no way out but to overthrow the present system.

  23. PistolPackingPatriot says:

    Outstanding case for abolishment of property tax. I love this? guy! It is criminal that the private- and public-sector unions, teachers, and local governments themselves, voted AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE to kill this in ND. Is your gubmint big enought yet, that it has the power to defy it’s own people? This is an outrage.

  24. rdlemire9 says:

    Exactly, it is all about government keeping? (and growing) their control over money and people.

  25. getbo says:

    Darn – it didn’t pass. The people were scared by propaganda that their roads would fall apart.

    So the property owners will continue to really be renters? – and give the government the power to take their land away. The serfs want to remain serfs.

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