Taxes: Whining more, paying less

Gil Smart says conservative complaints about being “taxed enough already” are disconnected from the reality that taxes are at their lowest level in a half-ce…



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  1. stephenabm says:

    Taxes are way to high, they need to be cut substantially. Eliminate income tax and property taxes, as? they are killing the american dream.

  2. OccidentalMan says:

    The RIGHT are incredibly “unpatriotic.” They? have no pride in ridding their streets of poverty, and see no boast in having an advanced infrastructure.

    They jerk off to “MAD MAX.” They’re despicable people.

  3. stinkf1st says:

    What an idiot. You want to pay these taxes and assume that? these funds are appropriated responsibly. “.high as what was once considered normal.” Implying that, it’s no longer normal, and that any concern for the abnormal tax rate isn’t so crazy. We don’t need to raise taxes, we need to stop spending money. The United States has been acting like a 16 year old with daddy’s credit card. For the sake of credibility I hope your finances are in shambles due to gross irresponsibility.

  4. holydave says:

    “Charity is a cold grey loveless thing. If a? rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim” – Clement Attlee

  5. Hereticbooks says:

    Well, I’m not sure it’s the best thing to do at this time, however, my taxes came out pretty damn good this last cycle, as have those of? everyone I know. The thought that these idiots are bitching about taxes is unbelievable to me.

  6. Sicj says:

    7500? back compared to 4500 under bush .. Obama’s done me aight.

  7. painxtreme says:

    Now…. Zero tax payers under Bush? Three words, Earned Income Credit. Any small business owner or freelancer can tell you that its free money, A 1 person company can show low profit, paying zero, getting big returns. Its been legal my entire adult life, and I doubt they stopped after Clinton out of respect for W. Anything that brings you under the EIC qualification threshold (SS income not taxed, poverty, or business loopholes) means you pay zip, and? get back lots…… Bon Apetît

  8. painxtreme says:

    It shouldnt take that much to get help. We only qualified for a 160 a month food card at 11k annually with a family of 6. That was the extent of aid while waiting for Social Security for 5? years. We we bled our savings out on mortgage until it was obvious.

  9. FryCookFromVenus says:

    you weren’t listening, pain. ? i said 47% didn’t pay taxes (which is a much higher number than under repub. presidents) & a vast majority paid LESS in taxes as the video illustrates. i’m sorry for your situation. you deserved that tax break, but do you think it should take something THAT extreme before you get help from the govt? also, prove to all of us that MORE THAN 47% paid zero taxes under bush & i’ll eat my words

  10. Sicj says:

    President Palin? Three words: No f***ing way. I will vote and get at least 3000 ppl to vote with me just to? keep ppl like her OUT of OFFICE!!

    Nice Video btw.. i read about this.. and llooked at the teabagging news.. and thought about how stupid and ungrateful they are.

  11. Beaumagnus says:

    President Palin? Three words:? No f***ing way.

  12. G. Robert says:

    Sarah Palin will raise taxes for the common people – middle class- just like every Republlican before her.
    She’ll kiss the ass of every mult-national CORPORATION that operates in this GREAT COUNTRY!!
    Research their history.
    If she was truly sincerely ROGUE the REPUBLICAN party would NOT? support her.

  13. ecwaufisxtreme says:

    We need President Palin so that she will cut taxes across the entire board and unlike Dubya, her’s will work. She will cut govt spending even more by eliminating all liberal government pork out of the budget. She will? have Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment, and all liberal social programs completely cut and privatized! She will balance our budget and create even larger surpluses than Clinton!

  14. ecwaufisxtreme says:

    We need President Sarah Palin for? she will cut taxes across the board and unlike Dubya’s her tax cuts will work. She will implement Palinomics which will drive the economy to even higher heights than even Reagan and Clinton. She will cut spending even more by eliminating all liberal pork out of government spending. She will DRIVE the deficit along with the national debt DOWN to ZERO! Even unemployment will go down to ZERO PERCENT under Palinomics!

  15. SpinozasPsyche says:

    Tea baggers are just moronic sheep… they are? sold a line and they just go on repeating it.

  16. tmergz says:

    it won’t stop until we stop them and gildoe doesn’t want it to stop. so they bash people that speak out against it to discredit them. that is their? play book.

  17. biggiejackson says:

    I still love ya? Gil!!!!!

  18. biggiejackson says:

    9.2 % of all personal income This has got to be on a curve? hell my man im in CA where the state tax is 10.5 alone not? counting the feds… that number does not make sense, if i only had to pay hell 10% of total income dude I would be stoked if I make $40000 all I have to pay if $4000.. break that down by 24 pay periods and Im only paying $175 per check my man life would be great!

  19. biggiejackson says:

    OK Gil We dont allways see eye to eye BUT WE ARE TAXED and I want you to reply on this.. IM not outraged at all….? But Let do some quick numbers REsession= less money made less taxes. ALSO we are thee most taxed nation in the world. first state and then fed taxes, then we go a buy something and that’s taxed GLEN WHERE DOES IT STOP.

  20. megagrey says:

    Truer words were never spoken. Religion is nothing but a response to the fear? of death.

  21. Seccanzz says:

    They ARE railing against? the grim reaper; it’s called religion. lal.

  22. Drumz0r2243 says:

    Agreed, but not to tax more on high earners, cause without them buying fancy pants things like a sofa for 3X the cost of what yore’s cost, then people making those sofas would be hurt by that. cause more than likely the people or company making the couch needs the rich and wealthier people to buy them. so you tax them more, and that? couch will never get sold, hurting the people making the couch itself.

  23. Blue Harkan says:



  24. ScaperSteph says:


  25. Capitalocracy says:

    Perfect clip at the? end there.

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