Taxes: The Price We Pay For Civilization

Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society,” said legendary Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. As students of Buck v. Bell could tell …



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  1. Daddy Howard says:

    @zuiprax right on, bro

  2. ajpmathwiz says:

    @BIackOp We could provide for our national defense by requiring that all
    able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 35 take turns as an active duty
    militia (say, two to four weeks a year- or other cycle), without pay and at
    their own expense. However, this would just be another form of taxation-
    taxing time instead of money. In the society you propose, defense must take
    the form of a militia of the whole body of the people, serving without pay.

  3. Nomad Capitalist says:

    Yes, it does. And it should. Go fund your own pollution research. The
    government has done an abominable job doing almost all of it. The private
    sector would love to find a cure for cancer, colonize Mars, and build
    better bridges. And when they do, they’ll charge you a user fee rather than
    put a gun to your head and force you to pay for whatever they want. You’ll
    pay when their solutions actually work.

  4. Cody Kitterman says:

    @shalcall (Katrina) “Publicity and actually helping a significant number of
    people are two very different things.” I’m curious as to what you know
    about the National Flood Insurance Program setup by congress in 1968.
    Without the program, home buyers and businesses couldn’t have ever closed
    on loans in N.O. As a matter of fact it’s because of Congresses failure to
    renew the NFIP that recovery t in the area has been stifled.

  5. Brambledemon says:

    I’m not really sure what this video is arguing? If not paying taxes leads
    to civilization, why aren’t Latin America and Africa beacons of liberty?

  6. BIackOp says:

    @HBSchool And that’s from a poor society…

  7. BIackOp says:

    @mitchblatt1dot1com /watch?v=y6YLkxVGfb0

  8. sharinganclan213 says:

    ron paul says that taxes are a disease. the more we get taxed, the less
    wealth stays for the people and the government gets bigger. i say less
    taxes for everyone. let the wealth stay in the peoples pockets.

  9. libertyfizz says:

    @shalcall Yes they would have. The good publicity of donating and assisting
    people in need is some of the best advertisement available. The donated
    water which was turned away was from Walmart. ooohhh evil corporation
    wanted to give thirst people in a disaster area drinking water. The good
    will of their customers many of whom were in the 9th ward is valuable. It
    is valuable to companies to help people.

  10. ajpmathwiz says:

    @BIackOp My point was there’s no way we could defeat or even hold off the
    Russians if they used nukes and we didn’t. True anarchists make lousy
    soldiers because they don’t believe in authority. Undisciplined soldiers
    get killed quickly by disciplined soldiers. What you see in all resistance
    or rebel movements is not anarchism, but asymmetric warfare in support of a
    different form of government (which may or may not be an extension of
    religious or ethnic associations).

  11. zuiprax says:

    @Aussiemoo Huh, you just made my case. Thanks.

  12. VictoryCough says:

    nearly every native american society-they had arts, culture, trade and
    systems of beliefs without what we think of as government. There is an
    interesting article by Howard N Ribinowitz on this very matter, if yuo have
    access to jstor I suggest reading it. It’s also in a book that is a
    collection of his papers that public libraries have.

  13. BIackOp says:

    @shalcall Love it or Leave it is a fallacy.

  14. Rik Schneider says:

    I would say Taxes at a reasonable rate that don’t overburden are a price to
    pay to have a responsible and effective Government. That provides the goods
    and services that can’t be provided by the Private Sector.

  15. GiantTarget says:

    @houstonrockets616 Please tell me you’re being sarcastic.

  16. libertyfizz says:

    @CharlesHorman Our misunderstanding. You see a right vs left paradime. I
    understand a 4 point model of politics. Check out the Noland chart it
    explains the maps Right/Left/Centrist/Libertarian/Authoritarian. You seem
    to think all authoritarianism is from the right. However your opposite on
    the right may view all authoritarianism as from the left. Right wing
    authoritarianism is called Fascism. Left wing authoritarianism is called

  17. Cody Kitterman says:

    I know you don’t know anything about taxes because you aren’t aware of tax
    brackets. Is this because you’re a dumb ass (who doesn’t pay taxes) or are
    you one of those buying politicians?

  18. johnevanperigoe says:

    Do you like owning private property? Me too. Without a functioning
    democratic state, property rights are just whatever you can enforce using
    well—force. Think of taxes as being a built in limit on what you can own
    that pays for the system that lets you own anything at all.

  19. BIackOp says:

    @mitchblatt1dot1com Incorrect, it is the issue for everything. Its taking
    your property without your consent, and how many angels will respect your
    wishes after this crime? Everything after that crime is lip service to
    legitimize the mugging. It is the last form of slavery socially becoming
    more unacceptable by the day, maintained primary by belief and forced at
    the margins. Even Judge Napolitano at the Freedom Watch opposes all
    taxation because he convinced it will always make bad government.

  20. JebBlack2010 says:

    Was Mr. Holmes talking about State or Federal taxes? I prefer this quote
    from Ezra Pound….I think it describes the situation we face today. “The
    Modern implement of imposing Slavery is DEBT”

  21. Aussiemoo says:

    @VictoryCough yeah, and they had ridiculous rates of infant mortality,
    maternal mortality, and preventable disease deaths. They also didn’t have
    life expectancies anywhere near what we enjoy, had not knowledge of science
    or anything that was further than a few days walk from where they lived. A
    Native American city of 3 million people couldn’t survive without a

  22. darklordsma says:

    Taxation = Extortion

  23. wdcsucks1 says:

    the sheriff tank was a good one! lol

  24. BIackOp says:

    @truvelocity Taxes are the necessity for the State, the power structure
    ruling classes… Not for humanity as a whole…

  25. duhCider says:

    @RnaldSchwollenPeka The people who don’t pay taxes are the ones with enough
    money to buy our politicians.

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