Taxes Pay for The NFL, But City Can’t Afford Police

Oakland, California, the fifth-most crime ridden city in America, faced a million budget deficit in fiscal 2011. It closed the gap by shrinking its polic…
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  1. The Young Turks says:

    Taxes Pay for The NFL, But City Can’t Afford Police

  2. Eddie DiFruscia says:

    This is wrong……

  3. Steven Palmer says:

    We pay for the profits of billionaires, straight out of our tax money.

  4. Matthew Agnich says:

    Why I hate Major League sports in general. The
    ultra-rich privatizing profit, socializing losses.

  5. Robbie Adams says:

    Follow the money… Because you don’t make money from hiring police

  6. Carlo L'Aurora says:

    Awesome Sport This. Cant wait till it gets this big in OZ.

  7. Sal Vation says:
  8. Larry Phares says:

    That’s right. If the poor people only live off the table scraps of the
    rich… Simply feed the riches bigger meals so there will be more scraps…
    Good plan.

  9. FflawedAtheist says:

    Yet one more reason to dislike team sports. Huzzah!

  10. Cyrano1202 says:

    The U.S. isn’t the most insane on that one. We in Germany can easily top
    this. Our tax payers pay multi billion Euro bailouts for Spain to help them
    finance their soccer league and beat our clubs. We actually pay the money
    for Ronaldo, Messi and Kaka. (Not to mention the bailouts for Greece and
    Cyprus to help Russian criminals not to lose their money …)

  11. Erick Miertschink says:

    it’s actually depressing…

  12. FiveStarShane says:

    The Raiders aren’t worth it

  13. DanGan says:

    So you’re for cutting police so billionaires can receive tax subsidies they
    don’t need/deserve? Are you insane?

  14. TheGreenMarksman says:

    i always thought if americans knew as many stats on there politicians as
    they did there sports, the US and probibly the world would be a better
    place.i can see why the gov. would want to fund this kinda stuff, keeps the
    taxpayers attention elsewhere

  15. kevinleeisme says:

    U were born out of ur mothers asshole

  16. kronosx7 says:

    Yeah, what people fail to realize is that the NFL will continue to build
    stadiums whether we fund them or not, and cities need to stop competing
    against each other to get them because that is the only thing that is
    letting the NFL get away with this shit.

  17. Racecarlock says:

    I don’t think you read the bar right. It’s actually 1,286 likes against 26
    dislikes. So, yeah, take that for what you will.

  18. alex ferreyra says:

    Football yeee !!! Lol ahahah

  19. thegreattuck says:

    it does if you is a rich cunt

  20. HopeMore2016 says:

    no fuck you

  21. stevegrello says:

    You ever hear the song by Greenday?? “I wanna be an American Idiot” Then
    they say LMAO. you crazy Stevo,

  22. jerran sperarman says:

    good video

  23. Grange34 says:

    Politically that is true. Homeland is a great show though.

  24. DeimosSaturn says:

    I don’t know if you don’t know how being facetious works or if you’re just
    genuinely incredibly stupid. No one wants parking tickets, no one wants an
    education that isn’t even in the top 30 world wide, I certainly don’t want
    sports stadiums, and I definitely don’t want to pay for mercenaries and
    drones to kill afghanies for no tangible reason. What I want is to keep the
    money I make and spend it how I see fit. Not how someone else sees fit.

  25. NatalieAtUW says:

    Hey, come visit us in Seattle on a marijuana vacation. We need you to pay
    for our stadiums. Our citizens TWICE voted down building the Seahawks &
    Mariners TWO stadiums. So what did the city/state do? Force it on us
    anyways BUT pass most of the cost to tourists. So when you come to Seattle
    and wonder why your hotel & car rental tax is so incredible high….thank
    you, thank you for building us our stadium(s).

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