Taxes For a Better Society

What would happen if we stopped taxing income and only taxed things understood as bad for the world (like smoking or pollution)? What if we also stopped taxi…



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  1. blaketaylor1 says:

    Certainly there would be significant disagreement on which goods to tax. Many such taxes (or actually tax deductions) are already written into the “income tax” code, such as NOT taxing interest on a loan for a house.?

  2. plusECON says:


  3. James Stewart says:

    I also looked up the grocery tax laws in Utah and found this interesting site. Most groceries are taxed at a significantly lower rate that other goods. Be sure to check out the Grocery Food Sales Tax Flowchart,? and the Food versus Non-Food Matrix!


  4. James Stewart says:

    I like the idea of consumption-based taxes, but I think one of the problems would be that the question will not be “Which behaviors can reasonable people agree should be discouraged?” but rather “Which industries have the most money to lobby to keep their products taxed at a lower? rate?” The income tax definitely has its problems, but one thing I like about it is that it doesn’t give much power to lobbyists.

  5. FlamesTH says:

    Awesome! Thank you.
    I hadn’t known that.?

  6. plusECON says:

    “Doobly-doo” was actually coined by wheezywaiter, but now? lots of people use it 🙂

  7. FlamesTH says:

    Was that ending a? reference to pbsideachannel?

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