Taxes Are What We Pay for an Impoverished Society | Panel Discussion

Archived from the live Mises.tv broadcast, this panel discussion featuring Danny Sanchez and Matt McCaffrey was presented at the “Taxes Are What We Pay for a…
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  1. N.R Dewi Nurmayani says:

    Archived from the live Mises.tv broadcast, this panel discussion featuring
    Danny Sanchez and Matt McCaffrey was presented at the “Taxes Are What We
    Pay for an Impoverished Society” seminar, hosted by the Ludwig von Mises
    Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 15 April 2013.

    Music by Kevin MacLeod.?

  2. Kendawg McAwesome says:

    Poe’s law.

  3. Ilian Kulishev says:

    Cheers ! guardian.co.uk/business/feedarticle/10752179

  4. Jeff Cole says:

    Neighborhood Watch groups are a great example of voluntary civil
    governments that provide police services without the need for a violent and
    coercive state.

  5. John Sheppard says:

    Why is the burden of proof placed on those who believe in free markets do
    disprove a negative when it comes to socialism?

  6. gombagod says:

    Move to North Korea, pinko bootlicker.

  7. TheK01234 says:

    That still isn’t enough money to fix “samalia.”

  8. Doin Johnm says:

    The monetary system is a Ponzi scheme and these people are propagandists
    for the status-quo. For an actual possible solution, YouTube “Zeitgeist

  9. Ryan Ferretti says:

    And that’s exactly what businesses do. They move overseas. And then who do
    you tax? People who make less money than the businesses who left. You’re a
    fool. There would be no incentive for businesses to produce an abundance of
    goods and services if you took 95% of what they produced. They simply
    wouldn’t stay in business or they’d move somewhere else. You don’t tax
    people more who have more money, and then send it to government to “help”
    the poor. You implement a flat tax and tax everyone fairly.

  10. sumkidinphilly187 says:

    Lol tax the rich @ 95% because youre too lazy to do anything of value

  11. Hashishin13 says:

    That is how the income tax started, does it still apply to the rich? When
    you violate legal equality, by taxing someone more then someone else, you
    get what you wanted imposed on them imposed on you.

  12. Ryan Nace says:

    better the devil you know?

  13. Morris Jackson says:

    It would *be great..

  14. Ryan Ferretti says:

    As a matter of fact, we shouldn’t even have an income tax, because no one
    has any right to what an individual earns, but, if we’re going to have an
    income tax, it should be a fair tax. If you increase taxes on people as
    they make more money, then you create a skewed incentive system.

  15. Kan Zak says:

    no. your’e not the boss of anyone

  16. Morris Jackson says:

    It would great if politicians had to sign a contract in which it binds them
    to repaying any monies that could be proven were egregiously mis-spent due
    to negligence or gross incompetence. Much like a Waiter must pay for
    mis-ordering beverages in some restaurants.

  17. Jason Moore says:

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    platform that would circumvent commercial banks for entrepreneurial
    finance. I don’t know all the specifics of their model, but it’s definitely
    something worth looking at because it would mean an end to the ponzi scheme
    banking system. They’re still looking for funding, but you can contact or
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  18. Jeff Cole says:

    Do some research. Somalia was better off without a government than with one.

  19. dmtirino says:

    if you dont want to pay taxes move to samalia. tax the rich at 95%!

  20. Bert Powers says:

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