Taxes and Tithing (Deut 14:22-29)

http://christianovercomers.com/blog/the-daily-manna WHY ARE TAXES SO HIGH TODAY? What does the Bible say about taxes? And should we still pay “tithes” to God…
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  1. Pastor Ben Heath says:

    Instead of a 10% God ordained tax called the tithe, we now pay 40-60% or
    more to Big Government. Find out the details…

  2. Dessy Sims says:

    Thank you Pastor Ben, I did not notice it before. Thanks for the Tithes
    teaching as well, I really needed it. God bless.

  3. donboy65 says:

    Based on what preachers commonly teach concerning tithing, especially to
    inject fear and get people who are on fixed incomes to give more that they
    can give, will someone go to Hell for not tithing?

  4. qm3stone says:

    Pastor Ben, I like the fact that you started “The Daily Manna” and I would
    like to join but my disability checks don’t give me much wiggle room. I
    like the videos personally, It gives me the classroom like feeling and the
    personal one on one. I could only imagine what it takes to put on these
    productions. I am almost certain that it stresses you out trying to come up
    with so much. That being said, your teachings are very fulfilling to my
    spiritual growth. I will be praying for you and the staff

  5. Pastor Ben Heath says:

    Be sure to join our new blog “The Daily Manna”!

  6. Pastor Ben Heath says:

    Good question. Old people and people on fixed incomes do not owe a tithe to
    God. Tithes are only payed on the “increase” someone makes. Retires don’t
    make a yearly profit anymore. Yes, it is not good for someone fully capable
    of tithing not to tithe. Just look at what happened to Cain.

  7. Pastor Ben Heath says:

    We just started the Book of Revelation.

  8. Pastor Ben Heath says:

    Sure can Dessy. I just posted the link up in the video description 🙂

  9. Pastor Ben Heath says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the videos. I sure appreciate the feedback.
    We’ll keep the videos coming for you, at some point we hope to get out 2 a
    week instead of one. That all depends on getting our stuff more streamlined
    and my time management skills 🙂 God bless you in your studies.

  10. Dessy Sims says:

    Pastor Ben, can you post the link to this blog? Thank you.

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