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  1. 177SCmaro says:

    You’re evading the question.
    I didn’t ask you about “everything” I asked you a very specific question:
    Do you believe it’s Man’s moral obligation to serve? the values of others or it’s Man’s moral? obligation to achieve his own values?
    There is purpose to this question as it’s the most fundamental question of ethics. And ethics are what societies are built upon. So before we can really even start talking about, “Socialism this” or, “Capitalism that” you need to answer this question of ethics.

  2. fatouche99 says:

    Why is everything always all or nothing? I’ve found that all or nothing usually gets you nothing. I believe we should agree, as a society, on how much we are willing to help each other and the limits of what we are willing to do to help. The best thing we can do to help people is keep the public and social systems fair. IE: education,? legal and economic. And by economic, keep the playing field level, not redistribute the money. Those things are not happening now.

  3. 177SCmaro says:

    Since you’re a fan of “limited socialism” and you believe in “we’re all in this together” let me ask you this:
    Do you believe it’s Mans moral obligation to serve the values of others or it’s Mans moral obligation to achieve his own values?
    (Values in both question meaning things people need/want)
    And before you say it, no, you can’t do both, you can’t? both keep and giveaway the same value.

  4. fatouche99 says:

    I stand corrected then. In that case, I am for limited socialism. For example: I am for regulations that preserve our resources and that keep businesses from monopolizing markets. I am for socialized medicine because I have seen it in action and benefitted from it. Also, medicine purely for profit strikes me as immoral. But I’m a capitalist as well. I own? a business. I believe, “we’re all in this together” gets us farther than, “every man for himself.”

  5. 177SCmaro says:

    : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental? ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
    Again, you don’t understand what Socialism is. Cops are not a means of production or distribution of goods, nor is the fire department.
    I believe the word you are looking for is Socialized.

  6. fatouche99 says:

    BTW. One reason American companies are increasingly losing bids to foreign companies like Airbus is? because those countries have socialized medicine, so their manufactures don’t have to include employee medical costs in their bids. Also, those systems currently have lower medical cost per patient and their medical outcomes are better than ours as well. We were #1 in all categories in 1980. We aren’t number one in any now. And we pay more per patient than any other G7 nation.

  7. fatouche99 says:

    Cops are socialism. Fire departments are socialism. The CDC is socialism. Those are some things I am okay with paying for. I also want my food inspected? for safety. The FAA is socialism. Socialism isn’t simply, the redistribution of wealth. That’s actually part of the definition of economics. And even though the public school system has had its ups and downs, an educated public has had huge benefits. Socialism isn’t the antithesis of capitalism. Only a simpleton believes things that.

  8. 177SCmaro says:

    Speak for yourself.
    And I think you’re confusing “socialist” (someone who advocates Socialism; i.e. “collective ownership” of the means of production or the economy, and a moral duty to serve others) with paying for the necessary operation of government who’s jobs are defense from foreign threats, a police force to defend us from each other, and a legal system to? arbitrate contractual disagreements.
    So the answers is: no degree of Socialism required.

  9. fatouche99 says:

    No problem. We’re all socialists. Our system wouldn’t work if we weren’t. The real question is, to what degree.?

  10. 177SCmaro says:

    “Socialism is when you take money from someone and give it to someone else” is a simpler way to say what you said you? completely agreed with in my comment.
    So what’s the problem here?

  11. fatouche99 says:

    I agree completely, but that’s not what he said. ?

  12. 177SCmaro says:

    That’s the fundamental ethical principal of Socialism; that man has a moral obligation to serve the interests of society.? Thus society has a moral claim on his values, in this case money, and is therefore justified in taking his money for the good of someone else (or some others).

  13. fatouche99 says:

    So US corporations passed the? taxes to us, then paid no taxes too.

  14. fatouche99 says:

    That is not socialism. Not even close. ?

  15. Skibum Willy says:

    Revolution! The only problems in the world today are manmade! The only hell we go thru is because of made – up rules, so let’s change them. Watch “ManKINDer” on youtube for a simple rule tweak on inheritance that realigns? us with our purpose, and the acts we reward!

  16. rkrzbk says:

    I am soooo sick of the “Demand Action” commercials. It? makes me sick. SHUT UP!!!

  17. Henri Erti says:

    Comments from Finland (the wet-dream of? Obama). I am working in 3 jobs out of my desire to improve the quality of my life through more personal wealth. My income from my 1st job is taxed at 23% because of the lower bracket. My 2nd job is taxed at 45% and 3rd job at 50%. I want you socialists to explain me why does the government discourage me from working hard if I want to do so and receive rewards from such. Sadly, unemployment benefits are not far from the paycheck I receive from my first job.

  18. Gar Port says:

    Your definition of? socialism is flawed

  19. lawls12 says:

    Yeah lets have flat tax so when your working two jobs barely making it, you then get taxed and can’t make it now, so you have to go to the govt to get help(which? you were probably on anyways), to get tax dollars that were taken anyway, because of the flat tax, oh wait same people want govt assistance gone too so, you then become homeless.

  20. Caleb Miller says:

    also govt. is what causes monopolization(discounting trusts which arent allowed) govt subsidizes companies and picks? winners and losers, left on its own free markets cause competition which always result in the consumer getting the best they can

  21. Caleb Miller says:

    what they want?

  22. Caleb Miller says:

    firstly i like you, no one else on youtube ever inquires to why i disagree they just flip and yell, i dont know how to explain it better it is widely known that the Japanese enacted Protectionist laws and ideas, u can research protectionalists if you like, but also corporations are the best way to sue people, if a corporation wasnt considered a single entity you wud have to tract down each share holder one by one to sue, corporations make it much? easier, also consumers can be trusted to get wha

  23. coolcardboardcrafts says:


  24. Caleb Miller says:

    not saying you are wrong or right, but those are false facts the Japanese? electonics industry suffered due to protectionist ideals i.e. too much regulation, its more an example against you than for you

  25. Kelso Anderson says:

    Payroll Tax
    Take 85% of your income
    Take 12.4%? of that
    Still brings in $13B more a year

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