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Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: HAPPY TAX DAY! Or, is it Merry tax day? Time to take stock America – we made it until 1913 without the modern i…
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  1. p3tr0114 says:

    Sounds like they are paying less than they would otherwise.
    Keeping? your income below the taxable level does not (as far as I know) eliminate all your taxes.

  2. ThaigerDon says:

    … sales tax, capital gains tax, value added tax etc etc?

  3. sickasso72 says:

    –been initiated by our “signature”— because? our signature depicts — represents the collateral= which is us!!!! So they only accept payments thru debit/credit cards, checks– anything that required our signature .

  4. sickasso72 says:

    at 2:00 this collateral is based on a humans lifetime of labor at $600,000.00 per person. Then that figure is put into a bond in the form of a birth certificate. It is set up to gain interest when it matures after 18 years. This is what govenments use to trade back and forth (currency)— basically the real money. The bullshit you? and I pass back and forth daily doesnt really account for anything. We cant even pay our taxes with it! The government will only accept from us something that has —

  5. sickasso72 says:

    Fuel tax, property tax, cell? phone tax on and on

  6. ialwaysbesingin says:

    Adam, what an amazing heart? you have.

  7. bulgeland4 says:


  8. bulgeland4 says:


  9. byteusa says:

    @13:30 That was the funniest thing? I’ve seen all week.

  10. carcabe says:

    Love Tom Woods. Have him back often.?

  11. Roylamx says:

    The best protest can be when you are on a jury – study Jury Nullification, one of way to restore Liberty by simply refusing to convict on any bad law? – Which is any law you disagree with, such as Tax Code (never passed as Positive Law), or any law without any injured party or broken contract. Its not a valid contract unless signed by both parties, with full disclosure! Otherwise its an UNCONSCIONABLE CONTRACT, and void on its face.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to set ourselves free without violence?

  12. Valentin Rozman says:

    Mackler, I suggest to search and watch hundreds of YouTube videos that will explain you in more detail that Equal Money System is in fact the removal of ego from our economic system so that it will value life of all living beings equally. It will remove the fear of survival and completely transform human behaviour so that we will be able to live here as responsible human beings and do onto another what you would? want to be done onto you.

  13. Videbimus says:

    Surely you’ve heard of porcfest. Porcfest? dot com.

  14. JamesBlakeWilliams says:

    Great? show Adam, loved it!

  15. Videbimus says:

    That site is communist program designed to implement a global authoritarian dictatorship. Don’t believe? their lies about free money.

  16. Videbimus says:

    That site is communist program designed to implement a? global authoritarian dictatorship.

  17. Videbimus says:

    EqualMoney. org is? communist program designed to implement a global authoritarian dictatorship.

  18. Videbimus says:

    EqualMoney. org is communist program designed to implement a global authoritarian dictatorship. Don’t believe their lies? about free money.

  19. Videbimus says:

    I think you got that backwards. It’s not the pennies that are worthless, it’s the dollars. You’re better off paying the taxes with? worthless paper and keeping and the melting the copper pennies.

  20. natritious1 says:

    can’t beleive he said “polish off the bong, were? getting ready for our 4/20 special”

  21. MikeforLiberty says:


  22. pretorious700 says:

    no? accounting for taste I guess

  23. Herban Tracker says:

    the sweetest example of inflationary tax is that pennies are worth more in copper than? they are as pennies… so if you’re gonna pay your taxes, do it with worthless pennies!

  24. Valentin Rozman says:

    End the economic slavery, research and support Equal Money? System > equalmoney. org

  25. Gigi Bowman says:

    Adam is hot which? is a bonus lol

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