Tax Expert on Romney’s Income Tax Claims

University of Miami Law School Professor Frances Hill analyzes GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s claim that 47% percent of Americans pay no federal in…
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  1. DillonDee1 says:

    A new survey indicates many Republicans, especialy those making less than $80,000, don’t believe Romney will work in their best interest & now believe Romney doesn’t have the leadership qualties necessary? to be President of all the people & will either stay home on election day or vote for Gary Johnson.

    Even Paul Ryan is starting to try to?? distance himself from Mitt — so that he might stand some chance to hold on to his Congressional seat.

    And, yes, ROMNEY IS A TAX CHEAT!

  2. DillonDee1 says:

    Romney will NOT release his 2009 Tax Return because he filed for AMNESTY because of his fraudulent & illegal reporting on his Swiss Bank Accounts!

    The? guy is pure scum!

  3. eric251982 says:

    I want? to hear more from her!

  4. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    I’m very curious how you think it is used. You may want to keep in mind that Switzerland now cooperates with the IRS? (and have been for about 11 years) by providing information on US Citizens that have accounts.

  5. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    It’s incredible how little you know. 15 years and? you don’t know how a Swiss bank account is used as a tax shelter? Who the hell would hire you?

  6. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    Seeing as I have worked with them for 15 years I’ll take my understanding of offshore banking over your 15 minute google search any day.I like how you completely gave up on Healthcare or unemployment to stick with tanning beds and bank accounts. If there was ever a question of how we ended up with the president we have you have certainly answered it for me.
    fyi I vote Libertarian not Republican but I always find it amusing to learn how little people actually know about the? issues.

  7. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    I vote for the guy who is not a moron. Tanning for a Univision address to Hispanics? Seriously? LOL is right. Good grief. Another day another #RomneyShambles. I’m sure you? are impressed with your candidate. Don’t cry too much when he is crushingly defeated at the polls by people who actually are offended someone running for president offshores their money in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. I’m sorry you don’t understand how those shelter work. It’s so hard to use the Google!

  8. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    LOL You really shouldn’t get your information on international banking from movies or your healthcare talking points from Michael Moore. It’s ok to just say that you don’t know the details and you vote for the guy with the coolest twitter feed and Facebook page,?

  9. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    No, I just refuse to carry on a conversation with someone so willfully ignorant. Why would he have a Swiss bank account rather than an American one if it wasn’t for tax purposes? Why would anyone who is not also Swiss? It’s these very obvious facts? that you choose to argue that make it pointless to continue. I can’t put links here and there’s a character limit so it’s going to be up to you to educate yourself. Start by turning off Fox and hate radio. Good day, sir.

  10. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    I think? you just proved my point.

  11. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    You are either incredibly gullible or working? for the GOP. Have a good day.

  12. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    This actually is an example of how are healthcare system has broken down…the patient has been removed from the cost of service. The more we expect HI to cover the worse it will get. removing the patient from the actual financial transaction leads to overuse. After? all if you pay $500 a month for HI you want to get your money’s worth so the system is used more. Healthcare follows the law of supply and demand just like every other product or service.

  13. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    I would really love to know how you think someone else paying more of your healthcare bill will magically lower the cost of healthcare? Will the doctor charge you any less if you pay less and the HI company pays more of his bill? So it’s only publicly traded HI companies that cause this problem of yours? What about a private HI company? Personally I have catastrophic coverage only and pay out of pocket for everyday healthcare costs if I increase my? coverage is the doctor going to charge less?

  14. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    Health Insurance and Healthcare costs are? two entirely different animals. The ACA and rec bill barely even address the cost of health Insurance let alone the underlining cost of Healthcare. All the bill really does is take the cost of insurance and spreads it out more across the population. Most provisions will actually increase the cost of health insurance overall. So I ask again how do you think the bill has lowered the cost of healthcare.

  15. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    lol…there is nothing illegal about a swiss bank account. Amnesty? was offered to those that had them and did not inform the IRS about them…Romney did inform the IRS and reported all income generated by the account (plain as day on his tax returns). You still have not explained how this is a “tax haven”. Anything can be a “tax haven” if you don’t report the income..so I’ll ask you again how do you think this account has been used as a “tax haven”?

  16. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    One of the biggest drivers of increasing health care costs is the fact that insurance companies,? the middle men, are publicly owned and therefore more interested in serving their shareholders and executives than actual patients. Forcing them to use premiums on actual health care will make a big difference. As for Swiss bank accounts, google it. There is a reason Americans were offered amnesty in 2009 – they are illegally used to shelter money from taxes.

  17. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    How exactly do you think tax cuts cause unemployment? And if you want to blame financial deregulation start with Clinton. You will get no argument out of me about the length of time we have been in Iraq or Afghanistan as it has been way too long but I’m not so sure you can tie it to unemployment although I would love to hear your? theory.

  18. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    Ok fact man explain how the ACA and reconciliation bill address the real issue with healthcare which is cost of services expanding at almost triple that? of inflation. Can you explain why you think a bank account in Switzerland is some sort of “tax haven”?

  19. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    The Washington Times, not the NYT for the record. (One is reputable, the other is a right wing lunatic’s fantasy world.) And they were quoting WND – an even bigger pot of ‘bagger delusion. I don’t blame Fox for unemployment, I blame Bush’s tax cuts, the two wars and deregulation of the financial markets. I blame Fox for purposely misleading half the country? into believing stupid things like Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

  20. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    Nothing I said was a soundbite. I’ve seen Mr. Romney speak and I have formed my own conclusions. I? have read a lot about the Paul Ryan Budget. I know what is in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). And I know that Barack Obama does not have offshore tax havens and Mr. Romney does. So what are you going on about? I don’t watch Fox. I don’t need soundbites and rhymey slogans – I need facts. That’s what I base my conclusions on.

  21. Dhammawitt says:

    Delusional huh? Times had? the article nor does it matter. Really? You’re going to blame the source of news of the actual reports? I guess you think 11% unemployment is really Fox news fault. Nice.

  22. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    I’m always amazed (although I shouldn’t be) how many voters form an opinion based on headlines, sound bites and talking? points. Both sides of the aisle scream and yell about the dishonest spin the other guys use against them all the while lapping up the same dishonest spin coming out of their own party.

  23. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    No, you are right there. There is nothing that would get me to vote for that man. He’s an arrogant, ignorant elitist who has no idea how regular Americans struggle. I want a man on the side of the people and the middle class. A man who understands we? shouldn’t go bankrupt and lose our homes if we get sick. A man who wants kids with pre-existing conditions to get treatment. I want Barack Obama! A man who pays his taxes to America, not Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.

  24. MrPalmersGamehendge says:

    Like I said would releasing more returns? get you to vote for him? Probably not your mind is already made up..those that are on the fence are more concerned about real issues.

  25. CrabbyAbbey1 says:

    Releasing tax returns is standard practice? so you know if the guy you are electing might personally profit from, oh say, a war in Iran. Look how Cheney profited off the two wars he egged us into. It’s important information to have. He doesn’t have to show them but we don’t have to elect him either. Besides, why would anyone want to elect a tax cheat? This is nothing like the birthers – that is a made up controversy only meant as a dog-whistle to the racists. And boy did that work. Sadly.

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