Swedish taxes

Traditionally the world’s highest taxes, a large portion of Swedes have to hand over 2/3 of their income to the government.
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  1. Marcus Carlsson says:

    @hayden50 Lets face it.. HammarnUT is a big fat liar and you are a sexy
    donkey. Lets make love now Warcraft right?, as the two wise leaders of
    America would say, aka Southpark creators MATT STONE AND TREY PARKER. Yes
    im almost done trolling, OMG it’s the 30th…i paid my taxes 5 days ago…
    and i bought a new appartment… guess i have to kill myself.. oh wait i
    have a job and still got shit tones of money… I will stay alive a bit
    longer.. Dont crash the world economy while im gone. Luv ya bro

  2. WestHuskyStudios says:

    Id like to move to sweden someday but i dont wanna live a poor life you
    know … |: >:

  3. bigman1171 says:

    The greatest countries in the world are the Arab gulf countries.

  4. LimeDragonThunder says:

    What the fuck do you meen by theft? This system works, it creates a fair
    and just society where everybody is worth as much as the next. Im proud of
    what 100 years of socialism has created in sweden.

  5. am1966ath says:

    @Strandholm Really?? the richest 10% own 50% of the wealth in Sweden..real
    estate prices in Stockholm can rival those of Manhattan. There are many
    grown ups with bad teeth in Sweden that can t afford to go to the
    dentists..swedish education has low grades of knowledge in math and
    science. There is lot of ghettos outside swedish cities were crime and
    poverty is booming. The state owned companies like Wasakronan and LKB are
    very greedy. Sweden is a kingdom of hipocracy and stater controlled lies.

  6. firstligmo says:

    could you make an Amarican or Canadian taxes vid for camparisson

  7. TinyArts says:

    I actually feel like a “Tax” I mean “the hund” :p

  8. MarquiseMonica says:

    well…..taxes are also higher for people on pension, unemployment or
    disability. Its said that the taxes are to pay for healthcare and schools
    and so on but thoose get wosre and the politicians are getting very very
    rich. A minister earns more a month then a senior citizen does a
    year…..go figures

  9. Derik Schneider says:

    @onbradley You are correct but as a Liberal myself I would describe the
    Socialist Left as the Far Left. But thanks for making that point.

  10. Spjungen says:

    Sweden is arguably the most beautiful country in the world but there’s no
    incentive to live there because you don’t get to keep what you earn. This
    disinvites capital and disincentivizes entrepeneurship and hard work,
    ultimately limiting the opportunities and living standards of people.
    Everything Sweden has that’s good is a result of privatization…even with
    such a huge public sector they still manage to be prosperous. Imagine how
    much better off they’d be without taxes….

  11. am1966ath says:

    This is interesting for swedes, nobody else give a shit. Taxes are high in
    Greece too.

  12. Marcus Carlsson says:

    This guy complains on everything about Sweden for no reason at all, I would
    love for him to explain why paying this much tax that we do is bad in
    anyway. with my last job, a simple job that takes no education i earned 20
    000 – 25 000 kr a month and i could afford all i needed, my appartment a
    huge widescreen tv lazy boy furniture and what ever else i wanted. i pay my
    taxes and i feel proud to do it, i give people healthcare, build
    infrastructur, education and give security to those in need.

  13. Spjungen says:

    Sweden needs to deregulate, cut taxes to near zero, and end the welfare
    state. Its deregulation has already made it the fastest growing economy in
    Europe, while the rest of them struggle with centralization. Sweden should
    become that safe haven for Europeans who are sick of the welfare state and
    want to live a better life. This will make it the greatest country on
    earth. Oh, and deport the muslims because they’re killing Sweden as we
    speak. Greetings from Boston

  14. Marcus Carlsson says:

    @hayden50 Who is whining?, You are the one crying over “losing” your money
    cause your a little baby. I have a minimum-wage job?. Well if i do have a
    minimum-wage job and can still pay my taxes and live a very good wealthy
    life, then your argument kinda falls apart now doesn’t it?. And Sweden is
    the nation that gives the most charity in the entire world.. You are so
    pathetic.. You are just making things up cause you have nothing else to go

  15. Marcus Carlsson says:

    @hayden50 You brought it up you twat. If you think it’s overtaxation then
    that’s fine, you are wrong when it comes to my country, Maybe you are right
    when it comes to the US where your tax money goes into building tomahawk
    missiles. You are pathetic, crying like a little baby when you admit that
    you are in the high income bracket. Then say that your money is taken from
    you. You are a disgrace to human compassion.. Humanity is so great if we
    only apply ourself. Look at yourself.. pff.

  16. onbradley says:

    @metzGRR other than you have almost no money to spend on improving your
    living standards after taxes. Many other countries have the same level of
    services or better, with higher educational, living standards, and GDP per
    capita rates AND much lower tax rates. Swedes need to stop being so insular
    and look outside their borders at the 21st century world. The money of hard
    working Swedes is supporting the lifestyle of ineffectual comfortable
    bureaucrats, nothing more.

  17. Marcus Carlsson says:

    @hayden50 Again you are wrong.. Yeez get an education. Even if it was 99%
    tax it would not be socialism.. Read a book jesus christ. I do have private
    health insurance actually, But i also use the public one. Of course i do
    use some benefits, not like i can help it and those are the benefits i pay
    taxes for other people to use, cause they are simply amazing. Who is the
    hypocrite?, me paying over 50% tax was at first to much, Not it’s suddenly
    in my interest?.

  18. rhysepoos says:

    I think the point is that when you pay tax, the money doesn’t disappear, it
    gets spent on public services, like education, health, the police,
    transport, roads, etc., things you’d have to pay for yourself if you didn’t
    pay tax. High taxes just mean that people on low incomes are able to have a
    better standard of living than they would otherwise have.

  19. Kae T says:

    Land of many suicides? You’ve been watching too much American right-wing
    media. Carry on but don’t expect many to believe your bullshit. 🙂

  20. Mañana says:

    There are several things that benefits from this high taxsystem: Lesser
    class indifferences. Free dentalcare for youths Free education for everyone
    Farily low on crime And since many companies have had monopoly and been
    goverment owned they have not been striking for profit only so they arent
    assholes like practicly all profit driven private companies, but this has
    been undergoing alot of change during the last decade sadly. etc etc

  21. wakeupsweden2 says:

    Otroligt bra video!

  22. Marcus Carlsson says:

    @skarpzor And i also manage to argue with you while im at a party totally
    fucking wasted.. Only supporting my argument that im fucking amazing and
    you are kind of a dick. Smartphones = win. Fuck yeah!, Samsung galaxy s2,
    what u got bro?, I got korean shiet. Also lets have this argument in
    Swedish “Mister educated”. How many languages you know again?, The
    American: Duhhhhhh 2, AMerican and English. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG. Redwine = win.

  23. Tiago Gaio says:

    what theft?

  24. LimeDragonThunder says:

    What the fuck are you talking about? Dictatorship? Bancruptcy? do your
    fucking research man.

  25. onbradley says:

    @metzGRR They have achieved overall higher living standards, educational
    standards, greater GDP per capita and consistenly rank as having the most
    livable cities in the world by the majority of the most well-respected
    institutions. Sweden has been settled for thousands of years. Canada has
    been in existence for just over 100 years. They have pulled ahead is such a
    short time, It would do us Swedes well to look outside of our borders and
    see what is being done well in Canada.

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