Stop Paying Taxes

http://FreedomsPhoenix.com | Gary Franchi visits FreedomsPhoenix in Phoenix Arizona and immediately causes trouble.



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  1. Ernest Hancock says:

    Send an Email to Publisher at FreedomsPhoenix com and I’ll send you a packet of 10 with an envelope for a donation and a request that you post your own video. Unless it’s too hot for you? where you live and it’s over 117 (like in Phoenix)

  2. NoLongerFooled says:


  3. HeavenlyLoving says:

    Excellent! Anybody? got stickers for sale?

  4. Robert Craighead says:

    ah those cute little man? tities, I wish I could be there to squeeze the bJesus out of one of them. LOL..

    Keep up the great job Gary.

  5. MoneyIsSilver says:

    Looks like Franchi is dropping some pounds in that hot desert air.?

  6. nailerfx says:

    Where can I get some? of those stickers in Phoenix ?

  7. BlueSkies360 says:


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