Stop Paying Property taxes

Stop Paying Property taxes.



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  1. Nic l says:

    google 10 planks people! america is communist!

  2. Beth Shatara says:

    The school district live in has 4100 students and a $82,000,000 budget.
    That’s $17,500/per student/yr. 13x $17,500= $227,500. This is with a %65
    graduation rate, and nearly every student is not prepared for the real

  3. William WAGENER says:

    Your anger is real, but you have given NO solutions. 1) Get ratio of People
    to elected officials back to under 30,000 to 1 CongressCritter, instead of
    the current 700,000 to 1, get State Reps , part time job ratio 20,000 to 1
    rep. , City councilman 1 for every 10,000. YOU Have not “representation”.
    See: “Michael Warnken” series on YOU TUBE.

  4. 66kerekes says:

    Dam stright I am about to loose my house due to this kind of

  5. gwendolynkaren says:

    Pc’s were to subsidize gates & jobs til gates found beatty & jobs rusted

  6. William WAGENER says:

    And the real issue, is your “currency” is fiat. Rothschild, Bankgangsters
    of London, OWN your Federal Reserve Bank, and they are devaluating your
    money, so to maintain, Every School dist. raises taxeds. Get back to silver
    coins and REAL money. Abolish the Privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

  7. xGUDDAx says:

    If I don’t have a kid i why the fuck do I have to pay for the shit

  8. MegaJustice2 says:

    us citizens are not allowed to own property that is one of the reasons you
    pay taxes. slaves are not allowed to own property. Free men are allowed to
    own property. Furthermore the government does not look out for your best
    interest, they look after the corporate entities who pay them. You are a

  9. Wayne Pennington says:

    Teachers making 70K per year want a raise. While the rest of us live on 20.
    They spent 80k on a windmill to save $2200 per year on electric. Built the
    school on willed community property with a no school build clause! Now we
    can not use the property. Dogs are brought in to bust kids with cigarettes.
    Bullet proof glass. Must show Id to people I’ve know for 15 years. 16 year
    old hated it so bad she is now home schooled. They have a full time person
    that monitors kids facebook!!

  10. sand Kane says:

    Yes, you are right! We as Americans have had enough. Well said!

  11. AyAxZ Visnu says:

    Time to let the Soldiers realized who is the real terrorists, extortionist,
    slavery by TAX

  12. Fairie Dust says:

    I overheard a few folks talking and they kept referring to PA as the
    Communist-wealth of Penn-suck-vania. Can’t really expect much given the
    type of scum elected into office here. I never understood why folks with no
    children and the elderly have to pay school tax.

  13. Aaron Wilde says:

    Building contracts and backhanders. Local government is all about siphoning
    money from you and giving it to the local businessmen who are buddies with,
    or themselves actually on, the local council. They see you as a cash cow,
    and as long as you agree to pay the raising taxes, they will think, hey,
    let’s raise them again, no one is complaining. Why wouldn’t they. The
    corruption makes it worse. You need to get a loot of you together and all
    agree to pay what YOU think you should pay.

  14. tazzym1 says:

    here in the UK they have started opening Academies – in short this makes
    schools answerable to no one & are privately funded – which means the
    school can pay the teachers what they like (& not all teachers HAVE to be
    qualified – My son is in Secondary education – he is 13, he never has
    homework & they teach them nothing!!! They PTB are creating the next
    generation of idiots who think life revolves around sports, tv &
    American/Pop idol – it is scary & ALL BE DESIGN – Peace 🙂

  15. mercury90hp says:

    I understand you frustration, but your video rambles on and offers no
    solution. All I hear is blah blah blah!

  16. 8phoenix88 says:

    I think you need information that you are missing. Since 1933, USA has been
    bankrupt, and all the people and their future earnings and labors are to
    repay for the war debt. The all capital name on any documents are your
    commerce name, and if you claim that is your name, you are a slave who have
    all the liability to pay. But a man or woman who created by God has
    unlimited credit that you can discharge any debt. U-Tub, eternallyaware
    will teach that. Be free.

  17. chrystal smith says:

    Administrators have Secret Meetings,voting them selves $20,000 Christmas
    Bonuses,and large Pay Raises!!!!They file these extra Expenses,under
    Building Expenses!!!The Mafia could learn a Whole Lot from these
    Administrators!!!Consolidate School Administrations,and save BILLIONS!!!!

  18. sickasso72 says:

    Why is it they keep molesting our children and yet we keep paying these

  19. cdrarick says:

    I am really ashamed I killed for this country. (wouldn’t fit up there)

  20. Wayne Pennington says:

    In our area GM closed, Delphi closed, Panasonic closed, Hobart Welders
    closed, Hobart mixers closed, BfGoodrich massive layoffs, Chrysler closed.
    So our school builds a 56,000,000 school.For a thousand kids They pass a
    massive levy. After levy passes they send out reappraisal vans. They
    reappraise everyone’s property. My taxes go from $1400 to $4200. Then they
    have a special ballot. They want 1.5% income school tax, tell seniors to
    vote for it to avoid additional property tax. It Passes.

  21. winkydinko says:

    just like vermont where the property tax is dominated by thye schools and
    paid mostly by elderly folks

  22. cdrarick says:

    HERE, HERE! I know it’s an old video. But it’s still relevant, even more so
    now. Our county has cities building schools constructed by Prison
    Contractors. I witnessed a 3rd grade class lined up on a line like
    prisoners on their way to lunch. “EYES FORWARD” i heard. “Hands to your
    side”. They were marched off like inmates, or soldiers. Schools are for
    indoctrination. Plain and simple. It’s to foster the mindset of “WE are in
    control! WE are authority! Do not speak! Do not question.”

  23. William WAGENER says:

    yeah. me too. We need, to form our own “Grand Jury” of WE THE PEOPLE, take
    evidence on OUR “WE THE PEOPLE” record, vote, indict and arrest. GRAND JURY
    is last resort of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  24. Don Catherman says:

    i will join you 100% we need to come together as ppl and fight this
    together thanks for the post .

  25. gwendolynkaren says:

    Jay white Stop making perfect sense

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