Stop Paying Mortgage, loans, credit cards and taxes Protest

They are corrupt cut them off why pay them to subjugate you. Nearly half of all U.S. children and 90 percent of black youngsters will be on food stamps at so…
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  1. masonman88 says:

    This seems racist to me I didn’t / couldn’t finish watching. Stopped at 3:15.
    Have a? nice day

  2. TrinityRocksFarm says:

    Libya? had 0% interest rate.

  3. caddy1010 says:

    The title , the video and the description are all over the place so I will just take a shot? in the dark. Your a young White uninformed racist who doesnt want immigrants in America even though you are an immigrant in a land of immigrants or your a Native American racist who may very well have a good point.

  4. chris532008 says:

    @AndersBreivik9happy new year to you? also

  5. chris532008 says:

    well we don t need to blanket removal by any sub group, ? but we have criminal records which should be used to segregate by work camps rathar than prison, prision is to rehabilitate, a theory which over the years has been show to be a major failure, we need to have the enemies of civilization separated permanently from the civilized, would also be a great idea that those sentenced be sent to foreign lands so if an escape occurs the keepers in those lands can locate easily

  6. chris532008 says:

    plenty of us are in knowledge of the power of payment with notes, the court system run by the lawyers are being cut to the quip, they know for the most part who we are and steer clear, problem is we need 10’s of millions more to just shut it down, you have to get to realize. the banks and insurance industry are nothing after the corruption of the court house is dealt with, president is absolutely nothing in the scheme of things?

  7. chris532008 says:

    it will have to happen as thing are? upside down now, the few working cannot support the mass ass setters, china is currently lending money to keep the scam on going for a time, but with their problems and some affluence inside their economy they will shortly cut off the us. hopefully they don t declare war on the US as we could not conduct a war against a real enemy

  8. fukkuutube says:

    who ever made this video is fukn? retarded

  9. chris532008 says:

    first step is to eliminate the social programs, then the taxes can be drastically cut so that people can work a 20 hour work week, almost anyone will do even a laborious job for 20 hours for a decent living. we have all our notions wrong. its the welfare people who have nothng to do that break into working peoples homes while they are at work providing for the welfare people. ? that greatly increases the cost of insurance and the ball continues onward

  10. chris532008 says:

    maybe i misunderstanding you but probably not, the world communist movement is the central banking system along with all the scams inherent there from as the income tax, you? need to take a look at the communist manifesto

  11. chris532008 says:

    how s that there is only 7,000 years of history, besides before that dinosaurs owned the? land maybe its their s

  12. chris532008 says:

    `unfortunately even you local police are only secretaries, they don? t investigate to solve crime, they only create a report sometimes and usually wrong, it then goes into a file and is never looked at again, if an individual solves a crime they will reluctantly go through motions and the courts will be lenient on the criminal citing they need the room in the prison system for other criminals usually you, to extract money for a traffic offense

  13. AmericasMostViolent1 says:

    this is my 2nd year since i quit paying boa,they just dropped my insurance.im 90%? sure i won,they dont even harrass me

  14. S0lidSnake007 says:

    it kind of funny? how you poke fun at the blacks even tho the people writing the immigration laws are jewish.

  15. Man0nFire420 says:

    lol it’s already way to? late to stop this.

  16. noonesflower says:

    I? agree with not paying the rich bloodsuckers. I strongly disagree with the racism in this video

  17. slimemuffen says:

    FYI: This is a communist movement that is attempting to bankrupt our? country. It was on the news.

  18. DingoVideoSurfer says:

    if ur lazy? ass did what what immigrants do, they wouldnt be here

  19. DingoVideoSurfer says:

    u sound like a bum with a computer. i agree with some of? what u say but dont be another hitler. weel just bring u down again.

  20. AceOfHeart2012 says:

    If the woman at 1:36 is one of those 72 virgins I’ll take the ‘PedoPriest’ any day. At least he’ll give a decent reach around.?

  21. onceANexile says:

    The cops sell? heroin in Paradise California for satanic movies.

  22. hebrewmatrix says:

    The whites people are also immigrants…who the hell you think you are..Didn’t? the same white people killed the Indians in America to inhabit there land by force. this video make it sound like This country had whites here for thousands of years…to get more technical with who owns America…The Indians and Blacks were the first inhabitant of this land for over 100,000 yrs and more. Proven by White Archaeologist and Scientist.

  23. inspirediam says:

    The 5th? of Nov. What does that mean?

  24. younitehumanity says:

    Remember,? Remember…the 5th of November

  25. inspirediam says:

    Do not allow the forces that be to divide us, this is a distraction. We are equal and one. Unite, I am no longer paying my mortgage. We have the power, the masses have the power to end this insanity. Without the backing of the masses, do not take up arms, to not fight their wars, unite, do not allow fear and the distraction? of propaganda to divide us as humanity.

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