Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell discusses religious institutions paying taxes

On Friday, July 22, 2011, the reunited 90’s Grunge Rock band from Seattle, Washington, Soundgarden arrived in Inglewood, California to perform at, the former…
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  1. steeleremi says:

    So Gen X what you’re saying is that the cycle of paying taxes should stop once it reaches a church? Lol what a bullshit comment you made there. So for example… I get my paycheck and it’s taxed… Then I go buy a Chris Cornell album and I pay tax… Then? iTunes pays their employees with the money that I bought the album with (which I already paid taxes on) and that employee gets taxed… Oh and iTunes/apple pays taxes too don’t forget… And that employee go to a small business and buys an eco

  2. GenXAccord says:

    Silly hearing millionaires complain about other millionaires not paying taxes. Just keep it offshore like the major corporations do Cornell. If you really want to talk about taxes…that donation money? was already taxed once when it was income for the donors. It was taxed before that when it was profit for the donor’s employers. It was taxed before that when it was income for the people who purchased products/services from the donors employers. Funny how often money is taxed as it circulates.

  3. Victoria Hesketh says:

    I would’ve raised my hand had I been at this? concert.

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