Sorry Libertarians but Taxes are NECESSARY In the U.S.A.

Yesterday’s “tax” video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flWh2GNhziM Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TheArchfiend My Site: http://www.theawesomearchfiend.com/ …



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  1. Christian Kulas says:

    @ 1:39 he says that privatizing everything makes it into a paid for
    service. So public isn’t a payed for service? In fact, it costs more in
    taxes to pay for these bureaucracies than they would in the private sector.
    In the private sector, YOU control where your money is going.?

  2. Matthew Freeman says:

    Look. I don’t want to be mean.I’m not saying this because I’m a
    conservative libertarian, but because if you’re trying to reach outside of
    your target audience you might want a change of clothes before you post
    something like this. I like the fact that you truly believe in what you’re
    saying, but you know how critical some of us right wingers are. You will
    lose a lot of us simply by dressing with an a-typical douche shirt with a
    backwards hat regardless of your intellect. That being said, keep preaching
    your heart out about what you believe is right brother.?

  3. Matthew Freeman says:

    i’ve paused at about 3:50 in your video to comment to you directly, i don’t
    care who else reads. as a conservative I don’t disagree with your point
    thus far. i don’t believe in entirely eliminating the federal government
    and definitely not the state government. i whole heartedly believe we need
    our law enforcement and that’s one thing I don’t mind putting our taxes
    into. most people like myself are only mad at the government because of
    when they spend our money on ridiculous things like 5 star hotels first
    class flying golden toilets, that sort of thing : P we don’t actually
    believe that there should be “no” taxes?

  4. Yarfy Fox says:

    Those inner-city kids are probably darkies and the white libertarians do
    not want to pay for their education. They would rather private, advanced
    education for their own children. What you are suggesting is socialism
    (libertarian spooky word), which means forced charity. You are only going
    to offend them by stating they NEED to be charitable to people they
    actively disassociate with. You seem pretty liberal, so maybe this offends
    you, but they are what they are. Get over it.

  5. minimop90 says:

    For those who have never studied economics, please look up the concept of
    the “free rider problem”. When a good is non-excludable and non-rival, e.g.
    the police force, people that don’t pay will freely benefit from it keeping
    the neighbourhood safe. What does this do? It incentivises the people that
    DO pay, to stop paying. This results in no police force altogether. The
    police force can’t just be the mafia forcing people to pay, either. The
    result is some communities become third-world countries

  6. Nuance6 says:

    i agree 100%

  7. bardhi09 says:

    Both parts have it totally wrong The problem is that the Goverment doesn’t
    give two shits about the people And even if they did they have no vision
    whatsoever in how to improve the US Right now normal humans are like Lab
    Rats in a Science Experiment They run and run in that wheel…and then they
    recieve a small piece of cheese at the end Same with Humans they work and
    work and work…and then they get some money in the end It shouldn’t be
    that way

  8. Nathaniel Hamrick says:

    Actually what you’re saying is a fallacy. The government doesn’t need to
    spend 2.66 trillion if we cut our over-bloated military projects and many
    other things that people simply don’t need. As I said, our small town
    didn’t have a fire station so we started Friday bingo. Not everyone plays,
    but those who do are paying (paying or playing? Both) for everyone to have
    fire services. Tax cost: zero.

  9. TheArchfiend says:

    I’ve talked about supporting Americans having the right to own and be able
    to use firearms in numerous videos in the past. But that doesn’t really
    matter because being for this or that issue on one side of the political
    spectrum doesn’t mean shit in the totality of things to me. I am
    conservative on some issues and liberal on others in the videos I have made
    in the past. No lies.

  10. Inaf1987 says:

    Dude, I AM libertarian, I was quote mining Moonstone.

  11. gequitz says:

    In 2006, the U.S. government made $16,924 billion on lottery profits. The
    federal budget that year was $2.66 trillion. So unless you can get people
    to pay over 100 times more for lotteries (or charitable donation), your
    system can’t work. More importantly, why the hell would people continuously
    pay for a system they would probably lose money on if it were their only
    serious choice. I agree with you libertarians 100% on social issues, but I
    just don’t see how anarcho-capitalism works well.

  12. Umedark says:

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired,
    signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed,
    those who are cold and are not clothed” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

  13. AlmostAGamer says:

    You never explained how there would be ‘utter chaos’ from a transition of
    public to private. You just stated it as a given, an assumption. From my
    perspective, it would be as simple as one company buying out another
    company, all that happens is the management gets orders from new people.
    All that said, I agree with your video completely, that was simply a point
    I think you made rather terribly.

  14. Nathaniel Hamrick says:

    It sounds crazy but it’s that easy. Simple county lotteries can pay for all
    the services of a community, and if you win the lottery, you’re the citizen
    of the week (lucky you, free money for playing a game with the people in
    your town to help fund your local services !) Something to think about man.
    I’m a full blown Libertarian and I know some towns may go to hell without
    taxes… but if they do, it will be because they didn’t have intelligent
    people to organize them. I’d bet that’s rare.

  15. SpitViciouz says:

    Quite a lot of that money goes to stuff like the navy, who, um, I don’t
    know, protect international trading lines? But I guess that cheap shirt
    from Taiwan and the affordable food and all that means nothing to most
    people in America. This is not to say that your military budget isn’t
    horrilbly bloated (it is) it is simply to say that people need to stop
    talking about how much money goesto defense unless they actually have a bit
    of an understanding about the subject. It is a rather complex topic.

  16. MuslimGoku says:

    What’s the point of not paying taxes for government services and then
    spending even more money on worse services in the public sector?

  17. ladawg81 says:

    And do you really want private companies who put their, not your, best
    interests forward to take control of your infrastructure and education? Or
    do you want a government that theoretically puts forward the interests of
    it’s people forward to take care of all that for you? Yeah, the government
    has problems, but I have more faith in it than private companies.

  18. crazybadcuber says:

    I agree that taxes are necessary, but WHY the hell does your federal tax
    get used for so much war in America instead of going to the school and
    medical systems? I agree with you, taxes are completely necessary, but when
    a country uses these tax dollars for such stupid fucking shit, then make
    the people pay AGAIN as a “school tax”, to make up for it when they already
    pay thousands a year in federal taxes, that is just complete stupidity. I
    bet America’s soldiers get free medical…

  19. Auto 1077 says:

    Libertarians are just very very selfish arrogant nimrods, who believe since
    they “work hard” for their money. They should keep every cent of it. It
    goes to show how ignorant they are because most of us who work, work hard
    for our money. What makes you Libertarian nitwits so special?

  20. SirJamesDTech says:

    Yes but where does that tax money go? Most true libertarians are wise to
    the fact that the Federal Reserve isn’t federal at all, and our money is
    being devalued at a scorching rate. Not only that, the Russians and Chinese
    know it which is why they’re setting up their own oil and natural gas deal
    that does not include the dollar. You’re angry at the wrong people,

  21. Colonel Panda says:

    At the federal level very little of the budget is welfare, unless you’re
    counting social security and medicare.

  22. ChrisJ092 says:

    I think Libertarians are worse then Republicans are now.

  23. Ry Murphy says:

    I doubt you will respond to this, but I was speaking to

  24. Sam Ouissellat says:

    The reason why these communities are poor is because of the welfare state.
    They have no incentive to get a job that pays lower (starting out) than the
    funds they are getting from the government. If services were privatized, it
    would lead to competition which would increase the quality of the service
    while also decreasing its price. And of course the transitional phase would
    not be easy, but wouldn’t you rather make the change now than eventually
    let this unsustainable system collapse by itself?

  25. Inaf1987 says:

    corporation feudalism. Look up the index for economic freedom. You’ll find
    that countries with greater economic freedom also rank pretty favourably on
    the GINI index. Why exactly does HONG KONG rank higher than Brazil? Expect
    a return to the mid 19’th century when child labor was common and a lot of
    people died before they were 40. No, that was the 16th Century, when the
    state run the economy.

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