Some thoughts on Taxes for stock traders

See http://www.goodetrades.com/2012/02/taxes-for-day-traders/ for more info.
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  1. Patti Garland says:

    Thanks, Michael,? great video!

  2. KedG says:

    ok thanks

  3. Michael Goode says:

    You have to consider US witholding taxes on profits but I have absolutely no clue? how that works and presumably that depends on what country you live in and whether there is some sort of tax treaty with the USA. Consult a tax professional. See this page on IB’s website /node/938 (search for it — I can’t link in this comment)

  4. KedG says:

    hi Michael, thnx for the video… as a non-US citizen resident in non-us country, is there anything i need to worry regarding taxes of US? i? use IB for US stocks

  5. SandSurfer says:

    just the word tax makes? me cringe….

  6. Joseph Huang says:

    Great? video!

  7. main126 says:

    Thank you so? much!

    You are good ~

  8. Richard Barrett says:

    Got to love? the reaper!

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