SkyNews: George Osborne at G8 on taxes (18Jun13)

George Osborne at the G8 has a nerve to talk about tax fairness, when mos tthe MPs defrauded UK taxpayers of millions of pounds in their expenses claims, and…
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  1. georgewbush1985 says:

    What a horrible little cunt…..?

  2. yippitydodah says:

    whoops. said your actual name, in previous, so deleted and copy paste repost – better check the other posts HIC!? well it is friaroday ifternoon ifter nall. who you calling a fecker,,,, wibble

  3. yippitydodah says:

    These two lads I been talking to for years, from Norge, giving them some ideas. Love seeing things come to fruitition Dolly,


    This was an earlier one, based on the old pub game of Space Invaders and soap powder and advertising, of all things Dolly,


    Great lads. Songs and? vids more or less? written by committee on youtubby, to help free music online, paid by viral advertising. Knew it years ago Dolly how to make it work for artists, the way it was going.

  4. yippitydodah says:

    What to you call George Osborne when you bump into him in a street?

    JEEZUZ CHRIIST, a ghost!

    George Osborne is a strange animal,

    that Darwin would scratch his head.

    Think what cross that? I happen about?

    but all said looks like a right total inbred.

    DA DA Dolly.

  5. yippitydodah says:

    oops, forgot a mere detail from previous, recomended a rip off from that film clips, I should say, the bloke I know from youtubby years ago. Never told me his actual name – we just swopped ideas, and hey presto!

    Same with this lady from Sveigne. Niki, same again, gave outlines to song and video, and here we go, sort of about my times in the RAF,


    She went on about dragon’s fire in the end, and kept repeating my name Dolly, and said it was me at the other end of lake? at end

  6. yippitydodah says:

    I got loads more. I write jokes as well? as poems, as well as writing songs for people in the past – I am nuts, I don’t even understand my own brain how it works.

    Did this with Vikki years ago, totally on youtubby – I supplied the outlines for song and vid, and this is what she did, she doesn’t to this day who I am actually, never told her my first name Dolly, song and vid of my 1981 Thatcher experiences,


    Speak to Vikki now and again, from Blackpool, but she made loads good

  7. Dolly Dimple says:

    Lol, they certainly are, Yipp, that was funny!

    Shame our PM seems to think that’s what he’s supposed to be…..:-/?

  8. yippitydodah says:

    He is clueless, seems to just gargle on his tongue all through his life, saying things that is non-consequential, as I spout a dictionary out! : )

    Song for you Dolly fach, and no, this is no violins under your bedroom window, something much? more funnier,


    welsh are good with humour too Dolly…. : )

  9. Dolly Dimple says:

    Just watched that? PMQs. He really seems to think he’s there to do some kind of Music Hall turn. His dismissal of legitimate questions is truly shocking. He doesn’t even make an effort to be professional…..

  10. ByronRaver says:

    At least I can look at myself in the mirror and know I never sold out? like you. Arsewipe.

  11. yippitydodah says:

    At least Balls has actually got a pair? of testicles, unlike Osborne.

  12. MrTech012 says:

    I’d rather have Osbourne than Balls. ?

  13. MrTech012 says:

    You really talk shit. You love to moan at the results of economic mismanagement but you never hate the right person who caused? it.

  14. yippitydodah says:

    Watching clips of Cameron on PMQs yesterday shows how much of a pathetic PM he is – he hardly answered a question, Dolly. And his response to Caroline Lucas about Sun? page three was shocking. Cameron really put foot in mouth then, as can be see by Caroline Lucas’s stunned face.

  15. TheCUBEKilluminati says:

    George Osborne bought the? Harrop Fold property for £455,000 in 2000 and sold it for close to £1m
    Between 2003 and 2009, he claimed up to £100,000 in expenses to cover mortgage interest payments on both the land and the property

    Fuck off Sky try asking some real questions.

  16. Dolly Dimple says:

    No problem with your French, Yipp. When talking about that shower, all terms? are interchangeable and there are none that exist that are adequately insulting enough…..:-)

  17. yippitydodah says:

    They are well braincelled challenged Dolly, it seems to me. Bunch of mongs even, as Ricky Gervais would? describe such people, as per Dolly,


    OK Dolly, Gervais was on about cunts, not mongs, but there is not much difference in this context we are discussing here, is there? Arse breathes I prefer to use as a term, Dolly, but yes, excuse my French, by the way.

  18. Dolly Dimple says:

    It is, isn’t, Yipp?! Mind you, the Tory party isn’t exactly brimming over with? brains for them to choose from…..;-)

  19. yippitydodah says:

    Baffling? it is, Dolly.

  20. macca999311 says:

    How fucking dare he,stuck up twat?

  21. stan salmon says:

    dodgy george he should avoid preaching about tax dodging, he and his mate call me dave camermoron are experts on tax avoidance, hes a? typical mp snout in the trough of public money over £100,000 claimed in exspenses for a for a field and horse paddock for his tax payer funded second home, and he lectures about benefit scroungers?

  22. Dolly Dimple says:

    How the f*ck did we end up trusting this? pond slime with our economy…..?

  23. ByronRaver says:

    He lets Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Vodaphone, off with billions in taxes over the years. Tax dodger Gideon stands there like a? smug little shit preaching about tax fairness.

  24. yippitydodah says:

    West ‘Am?


    If not, wot are you talking ab’art??

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