SimCity Economics! – High Taxes vs. Low Taxes EP01

Noticing that you can change taxes to the game, I build 2 starter towns with different rates. One at 20% (the highest) and the other at 5%.
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  1. mz929 says:

    Hahah embracing a fiscal policy and transferring payments ehh….?

  2. starfcy says:

    Low taxes of course. Damn the socialism?

  3. Per Fect says:

    Why they not moving in? Starting a new city with the highest taxes possible
    sounds like a brilliant idea! 🙂

  4. Ruben Vera says:

    You must be a modern liberal that doesn’t understand basic economics 😛

  5. Melody Norton says:

    Trickle down economics may work in Sim City, but not in real life. Sorry to
    burst your bubble.

  6. Hans Hagman says:

    20% is nothing! I pay 32,96%.

  7. phantomsuccour says:

    I HATE TAXES!!!! I’d do anything to limit it to as low an amount as

  8. Lachie Black says:

    20% ? i’d dream of tax that low … try 45%

  9. Samuel Ward says:

    I am the son of your friend Micheal Ward.

  10. Sam Gastineau says:

    No such thing as trickle down mister 🙂

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