Shell Moved Oil Rig That Ran Aground In Alaska Into Dangerous Waters To Avoid Paying Taxes

May 28, 2013 MSNBC News http://MOXNews.com.



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  1. shogun x says:

    Does this really surprise anyone??

  2. CircleOfSnakes says:

    Rachel’s got no gripe here, in her agenda the oil companies are all

  3. helltrackrider says:

    Taxation is Theft. Increased Taxation on oil companies = increased cost
    burden on the consumer…economics 101. Do you honestly think oil companies
    are going to pay for taxes from their profits?…Yeah, like to see them
    explain why profit percentage was down even though sales were up to their
    investors….”Increased Taxes” would be an answer that had the investors
    fleeing elsewhere – like China; oh wait…this is already happening? Great
    job Government.

  4. bongojim420 says:

    Dam its MadCow I’m outta here.

  5. warfossil says:

    How much of that have you used?

  6. Michael Heidbreder says:

    Tomorrow on rachelle maddow… 3rd grade soccer game. Great non story,
    richard maddow

  7. AdolphBernankee says:

    Averaging 539,000 viewers in primetime and 175,000 viewers in the adults
    25-54 demographic, MSNBC suffered double-digit drops from last May — down
    a respective 20 and 19 percent.

  8. Kenneth Surgent says:

    Time to lynch these assholes!

  9. TheeBudGuru says:

    That’s funny! A Politician calling another Politician “Pond Scum”! What’s
    wrong? Is that Politician mad because the other “Pond Scum” floated to the
    surface before they did!

  10. Merecir says:

    ? They moved the rig because they wanted to avoid taxes. Obviusly, without
    taxes and regulations they would not have needed to move the rig before the
    new year… More regulations only mean that is is harder for small
    competition to compete with the big corps, because it’s the lobbyists of
    the big corps who can afford to influence the regulators. Regulations
    always benefit the big corps while free markets exposes the big corps to

  11. Frankie Mahovolich says:

    De-regulation and “free” market at its finest.

  12. matt b says:

    Unfair and biased is right! So what I gather is that the government is
    essentially the blame because of the ridiculous taxes! Eat that Markey!

  13. Michael Heidbreder says:

    Obama picked shell

  14. RacerEckss says:

    Not by choice. What else are we to use? Huh?!

  15. tummy lice says:

    …..and nothing will happen. Ceo’s and politicians win, everyone else
    looses. same shit different day.

  16. Roland W says:

    @Merecir, don’t waste your time. State-worshippers will never get this.
    They believe with all their hearts that the politicians they adore are
    drawn from a special pool of spotless, selfless, all-knowing geniuses who
    care only about our welfare. Fortunately, the state continues to prove day
    in and day out how pathetically useless it is, and this story is a fine
    example. The rig still ran aground, after all, despite being one of the
    most heavily regulated devices on the planet.

  17. matt b says:

    I actually had Greenpeace ask me to join their membership today as part of
    some drive to prevent Shell from drilling in the Arctic. Ironically, I work
    for the company that saved Shell’s rig from complete disaster, and the
    company that has a Shell contract. While I believe in conserving the
    environment, (hence a conservative) I see drilling as a way of tapping the
    energy of the sun from millions of years ago. Energy cannot be created or

  18. RacerEckss says:

    …..And shit like this will continue as long as our politicians are bought
    and payed by big oil.

  19. warfossil says:

    No, you’re dumb. You obviously don’t understand how it works, hypocrite. I
    bet you’re one of the morons who holds a sign saying how much you hate big
    oil while filling your car up with the stuff you love to hate.

  20. warfossil says:

    You also use that same substance you so much love to hate.

  21. SharkDude1 says:

    All Politicians are “Pond Scum”.

  22. Merecir says:

    When politicians can regulate markets they get exposed to lobbying by the
    big corps. That is why ALL regulation of the market BENEFITS the big corps!
    The US economy is no longer a capitalist system, capitalism mean free
    markets, today you got corporatism which is NOT capitalism. Corporatism is
    one of the cornerstones of fascism. Dangerous. The solution is to make it
    illegal for politicians to regulate the market.

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