Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Taxes




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  1. John Baker says:

    There’s something on my mind
    and I think I’ve got to let it out..

    They may take – nothing from us
    That we -ain’t ready to give
    How can we talk – about the price of gas
    When they’re stealing our brothers and sister rights to live..

    What if we all – stopped paying taxes?
    Now, what if we all – stopped paying taxes?
    Stop paying taxes, y’all..?

  2. John Baker says:

    …Here’s some Dap-Kings but these ones is *Live….*?

  3. robibm2003 says:

    The rap at the beginning of the song was just inane. She just does not have
    enough style or charisma to make that work. Sorry, but Nina Simone she
    isn’t. The song was pretty third rate, too.

  4. funkonwax says:

    Thanx 4 uplading this groove! Doooooooooooooooooooope!

  5. gqonline says:

    don’t worry y’all they on the list for the inaugural ball Jan 2009……

  6. David Adams says:

    me too she sings some sweeet funkin soul

  7. djcfb says:

    damn, talking shit about Sharon?! your going to hell son!

  8. hym456 says:


  9. Horst Horstensen says:

    hey boils , you dont have a clue =) you dont even know who she is , lol -.-
    idiot. First get some kmowledge , then talk big words. …………..

  10. blackfootnawaho says:


  11. ManyGodz says:

    Hell YEAH ! Awesome funk wit a MESSAGE !!!!

  12. archimmes says:

    They have to be experienced live. Its one of the best live shows EVER!

  13. OzWizard says:

    This is great..so glad she is still going! Good job with the video!

  14. wmdip says:

    you sound like you know your models pretty well.

  15. firstride says:

    Saw Sharon at Irving Plaza last weekend. Amazing! We loved your movie.
    Check out our new Web site homemadespots.com. We’d like to feature it if
    you can cut it down to 15-45 seconds?? I especially liked the last 60
    seconds when she talks about Bush.

  16. mrfundah says:

    really hope she come to the u.k would b awsome to see

  17. Walter Brouwer says:

    my heart

  18. Robmorgan144 says:

    Tha shit

  19. Gerald Berry says:

    this shit is funky!

  20. RIOB24 says:

    5 stars.

  21. justgivemethetruth says:

    what a cute little old lady ! 😉

  22. ffffffuuuuuuu says:

    Wow, funk and tax resistance… awesome! I definitely plan on seeing them
    when they come to Cleveland.

  23. David Brown says:

    Bush is an arse but fat arse Sharon makes me sick. Put the piggy on a diet.

  24. David Brown says:

    Another fat sister with an attitude. Wow how unusual.

  25. f.iz says:

    Fuck Bush!!!

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