Sean Hannity, Kirsten Powers, Tucker Carlson Clash on Obama’s Tax Returns, & Biden’s Old Underwear

4/12/13 – On Hannity Friday night, with an image behind him reading “Unfair Share,” Sean Hannity kicked off by noting: “Now for all of President Obama’s talk…



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  1. finley821 says:


  2. bib shr says:

    Carlson is? a moron.

  3. avithemostill says:

    Powers won this argument before? it started… simply because there was no argument about this issue. Fuckn ridiculous criticism.

  4. upandabove567 says:

    kristen? powers is a ass.

  5. fungihoujo says:

    You realize that’s the same for? every president- no, no you probably don’t realize that.

  6. john p says:

    Kirsten is super anti-racism,hey Kirsten lets do something about it immediately, i suggest
    we go to Chicago,Detroit,Etc and? get? all those racists who are killing hundreds and hundreds of niggers? with guns. oops oh yeah sorry the killers are also niggers, but you don’t worry about that because you do all your lib sticking up for niggers and other minorities(like me i’m Hispanic) from your all white neighborhood,cus you DON’T live in mine, hypocrite !

  7. Polemic says:


    This country is just sad.?

  8. RYAN MURPHY says:

    I think what people need to REALIZE and UNDERSTAND is that; Obama, does not have to pay for food, his 5 Star Chef? cooks all his meals, and his family’s meals everyday of the year. He does not have to pay for gas, or transportation, his personal Secret Service Agents do it for him. He does not have to pay for plane tickets, we pay for his free rides on Air Force 1. So his money, is truly and genuinely free money. He has no bills, he has no food to buy, no insurance, nothing we do. FUCK OBAMA.

  9. michael wood says:

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  10. MixtapeKilla2004 says:

    Let Dr. Ben Carson say those? same words President Obama is saying and Sean Hannity would think these words came from God.

  11. gabriel collier says:

    who the fuck are you calling liberals you retarted pos you repukes are are always blaming these so call liberals that you hate? some much when you act just like them hyprocrite go suck annitys dick lol

  12. HalfDemonInuyasha says:

    …Hannity…get? mauled by hyenas…please…

  13. blackceazer21 says:

    lol i know right?

  14. Joseph Martinez says:

    no he didn’t give back his money because he spent over one thousand days of vacation during his presidency. bush was a joke and to think that hannity and others actually believe he was a great? president is a joke.

  15. MixtapeKilla2004 says:

    Did Bush give back 5% of his salary for sending all of us? into a economic meltdown in 2008 he should have given up something making 800,000 people a month lose there jobs because of him gas prices were at $6.00 or more back then were was his skin in the game.

  16. MixtapeKilla2004 says:

    Obama can empty out his bank account and Sean Hannity will still complain remember President Obama is giving back 5% of salary per check that he gets as President of the United States so Sean Hannity? is a big ‘cry baby’.

  17. jbrianward says:

    Why are the Lib-tards having so much trouble with this? It’s about HYPOCRISY! The left bitches and moans about the “wealthy” not paying their “fair share” and then they turn around and use all the tax breaks they can get.? SOP from the party of hypocrisy.

  18. Amy Smith says:

    How can you have a problem with raising taxes when? you’re already volunteering to pay the higher rate?

  19. shutdafup says:

    always 2 against 1 on Fox? News

  20. carlsmalls24 says:

    Romney gave a 1/3 of his money to the Mormon church which is fine but lets not assume that the? Mormon church is strictly a charity. That’s not true they spent money to defend marriage in California for prop 8. Whether u agree or not with their position charity don’t do that. Pure charities don’t spend their donations on affecting public policy. I dont remember the salvation army funded rallies for agendas

  21. NicolasJz says:

    My? thoughts exactly. It seems Faux News has given up on logical reasoning.

  22. NicolasJz says:

    I don’t understand Hannity’s logic… If anything he’s just helping Obama’s fair share rhetoric. I mean, all Obama said during the? campaign was that people like HIMSELF didn’t pay their fair share because he’s kinda rich yet his tax rates are pretty low. Hannity is just proving Obama’s point…

  23. Alejandro Castro says:

    romney gave a third of his income to charity, were you as forgiving of him back in 12′??

  24. nextdrink45 says:

    Proof positive that Odumbo and his idiot Uncle Joe are? nothing? but HYPOCRITES!!!!!!

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