Ryan Budget Raises Taxes For Poor, Cuts Taxes For Rich

Via Think Progress: “As ThinkProgress has detailed, the House Republican budget, authored by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), pays for massive tax…
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  1. Eric Weber says:

    #PaulRyan is a sleazy piece of shit.?

  2. Louis Murphy says:

    Under President Obama, America The Land Of The Rich Of The Backs Of
    Everyone Else. Obama Is No Better than Any Other Republican.?

  3. Reese Poche says:

    paul ryans budget doesn’t even really cut the budget -_-“”

  4. MrPtitzzz says:

    Lol, Michelle Malkin has a nice little post titled *Scores of women
    mysteriously appear at Romney/Ryan rally* on her blog.

  5. lifeforce218 says:

    You can take all the money from the rich and still won’t cover the deficit.
    It would take every citizen in the US and after all that then what?
    Everyone will have nothing left. No to Obama, Yes to Romney

  6. MrPtitzzz says:

    Im not a republican. Im not american. I live in europe. Here we got country
    called Spain that has all sorts of wonderous entitlement programs which
    they were able to afford once upon a time. Their corporate tax is the same
    35% that americans have. They also have free healthcare and all sorts of
    delights. Now in Netherlands the corporate tax is at 25%. Everybody pays
    their own healthcare. Now guess which country is fucked?

  7. kennedyt says:

    They’re not gonna get “$187,000 a year extra” [sic]… They’re not going to
    have their money stolen by the government. I don’t know why I keep clicking
    on these YT videos. Idiocy defined. How about a video talking about how
    only 87 million people even pay taxes?

  8. poindexterwitkowsky says:

    It took 30 yrs for Republicans to systematically KILL THE AMERICAN DREAM.
    Who can trust a party whose#1 STATED GOAL is to deny Obama a second term?
    The GOP has given us 2 MONEY LAUNDERING WARS on the national credit
    card(currently $2 billion/wk),EPIC ECONOMIC COLLAPSE,THE HORSE & SPARROW
    HIPSTER DOFUS,has made it his life’s mission to DENY US MEDICARE! ENOUGH!

  9. mecher3k says:

    Not a redneck like you so my wife wouldn’t also be my sister.

  10. noprofitmaximierung says:

    There IS NO Socialism in the USA. There is the nanny state that gives
    TRILLIONS to the rich and a few food stamps to th 47 million americans who
    wouldn’t survive in capitalism without them. I see you think socialised
    wealth, taxes, is socialism, but you have a very, very limited
    understanding of the subject. “Lower Class” are mainly the over 10%
    unemployed and those 3 Billion humans working for less than $2 a day for
    the 500 Corporations who control 52% of the world’s wealth. Slaves

  11. Samol Duong says:

    Because its based on voodoo economics that have never been shown to be
    true. He thinks that all he has to do is cut tax for the wealthy, the
    so-called job creators, they will will then create wealth for everyone
    else. Supply-side economics bullshit. The real job creators are the
    consumers. When they consume, the create demand, which in turn attracts
    capitalists to invest and create the supply. If people buy lots of cars.
    More cars will be made= more jobs. No jobs=rising debt.

  12. synapse131 says:

    The fact that the wealthy pay the majority of the taxes paid to the
    government should tell you something. That a small number of people could
    account for such a large portion of America’s budget should tell you just
    how much money they are bringing in compared to the average person (even
    though millions of people pay several thousand dollars in taxes every year;
    it still doesn’t compare to the huge amounts of money that the super
    wealthy bring in.) Scary.

  13. synapse131 says:

    We need a new meme called “Economic Terrorists!” Because that is what they

  14. Lloyd Leonardo says:

    A vote for either is a vote for anal rape. I would advise you to buy some

  15. Andrew Lin says:

    The poor will be better served paying taxes than doing what they are doing
    to keep themselves poor: smoking, drinking, eating fast food, etc. The rich
    clearly know how to handle money better.

  16. nathernrock says:

    You are a fucking idiot, why should the wealthy be taxed more than the
    dead-beat poor. I don’t give a fuck about the poor, its their fault. They
    didn’t pay for College before prices skyrocket = YOUR FAULT. I am sick of
    having to pay for someone else’s education. The “More education = less
    retarded 8th amendment so we can torture prisoners. You liberals ARE

  17. pistolpete1st says:

    Only reich wingers claim the rich pay taxes and that they pay the majority
    of taxes. That supidity is why they vote reich wing, the genuinly believe
    that Americans are servants to the rich.

  18. DrCAS64 says:

    Also the new accounting rules that went into effect in 2001, which were
    necessary, impacted the economy as well.

  19. Samol Duong says:

    I don’t know all of them but it does seem like Paul Ryan is one of them. He
    wants to raise tax for the poorest people but cut tax for the richest.
    Selfish, check (he gains from his policy and it doesn’t help the debt.)
    Greedy, check (he gets a tax cut.) Bastard, nope, but close enough.

  20. fraudcakes says:

    We are talking about a short-term solution to a short-term problem here –
    yours is long-term and still problematic. Smart investors go abroad where
    there is a ready-made underclass to squeeze. They send your pie to China.
    Leaving what needs to be certain, quick growth up to the vagiaries of the
    market and econ dogma is not a good plan. Further, there is a gap between
    the rich and poor in the US, and that is only likely to increase with your
    plan. That = market stagnation for places like US.

  21. Jussimania says:


  22. darkdragonsoul99 says:

    I know you’re kind doesn’t know how to do simple math but the reason the
    wealthy pay taxes is because they in fact have something to pay with.

  23. MrRedbluedude says:

    im just waiting… just waiting…. when everyone says enough bullshit….

  24. NaziGOPBallmer says:

    The only harm Democrats can possibly do to America is let themselves be led
    by the nose by the GOP. Inaction and passivity are what the Democrats are
    good at, but those actions alone aren’t as detrimental compared to the GOP.

  25. synapse131 says:

    So why did the deficit explode during Reagan’s tenure? He was borrowing
    more and more money to fund his massive military projects and since the tax
    base went down (via his tax breaks to the wealthy) we couldn’t keep up with
    all the spending; spending that didn’t help grow our economy except in the
    military industrial complex.

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