Ronald Reagan – Rich Should Pay Taxes

Ronald Reagan and President Obama, as well a some concerned wealthy Americans like Warren Buffett, agree that the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxe…



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  1. Chuck Frasher says:

    How amazing! Ronald Reagan, The Conservative Republican Super Hero (second
    only to Jesus), had his own “Warren Buffett” to help sell his tax hike on
    the wealthiest Americans, including the Capital Gains tax that went from
    20% up to 28%. Well now isn’t that special?

  2. NRUN65 says:

    Well, you know what he always used to say on television……..”Progress is our
    most important product.”

  3. Chuck Frasher says:

    Why that Socialist!

  4. n43510 says:

    Reagan was a good President. He would have been horrified at the tax breaks
    given to the rich today. He is on record saying that the exemption amount
    for estate tax (wealth left to heirs when you die) should be $600,000. In
    today’s money that’s about $1.4 million. But today (2013), the exemption is
    $5 million! Supported by both Democrats & Republicans!

  5. dianah cloer says:

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