Ron Paul on taxes

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx) discusses flat taxes with a caller on Jan Mickelson’s Iowa radio program.
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  1. mmanouvelles says:

    I? love finding videos of ron paul I have not seen

  2. Joeziah Babb says:

    pretty sure the flat tax bill was introducing a 23% VAT not 30-40 etc. to maintain current federal budgets.

    Though he may have read the bill and recognized some rather…optimistic predictions on that rate being possible.

    All in all the lower federal spending is indeed a requirement in any budget…that is if? they ever manage to pass one.

  3. smokine2001 says:

    he should do away with property? tax

  4. y0utUBeH8r says:

    1913* ?

  5. Anon Emus says:

    Taxes are mere peanuts to the debt? owed
    Ron Paul 2012
    Ron Paul 2012
    Ron Paul 2012

  6. HollywoodSheen says:

    This man is the only hope we have to change things in this country. If he doesn’t get elected then? we’re fucking doomed

  7. ozgood1x says:

    The GOP has JUST openly declared WAR on and has HIJACKED the American Democratic Voting Process.
    Visit : votefraud-DOT-org.

  8. steve goff says:

    There is some good stuff? in them radio talks. I loved the part about the consumption tax and and people keeping what they earn on their labor. And only being taxed on what they use.

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