Ridley vs. Educrat (New Hampshire, taxes)

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  1. Raven King says:

    Yeah not a democracy.? We are a republic. Actually not even that, its more of an Oligarchy. Have you guys thought of pooling your own resources? Still tax but its your groups tax. Than it would go on things you wanted to get done. Just a thought. Probably a stupid one (only the bad stuff I think of comes to fruition and I execute effectively for some reason).

    Anyway I am convincing a few of my friends to come with me up there. I has gots work to do.

  2. Handsom B Wonderful says:

    the us is supposed to be a representative republic? not a democracy

  3. smttysmth02gt says:

    That lady is a moron. Where did this idea come? from that we are a “democracy”???

  4. P Burg says:

    Prices will not rise with the FairTax. When the income tax is removed, prices will drop due to competition. This has always happened in the past. Ask any economics student. Profits stay steady at 5 to 8 percent. That’s the beauty of capitalism. The poor will pay no taxes, due to the prebate. MORE people will be
    paying taxes because illegals and criminals will pay. 250 billion dollars will be eliminated from the collection overhead. That? will help lower our prices

  5. RidleyReport says:

    ? Actually Coryscott and all trolls are welcome here. Ridley Report has best trolls on YouTube, wouldn’t have it any other way.

  6. Coryscott5 says:

    “Boot of government”. You actually? sound like Alinsky, ya know.

  7. Coryscott5 says:

    You say “American’s tax burden is too high”.? But what scale are you basing this on? It is at the lowest point in 30 years, and at 36%, is much lower than the 90% totals after WW2 or the 50-60 percent levels under guys like Nixon. The facts don’t permit you to make statements like that and then talk about the “boot of government”. That’s crazy.

  8. pfarnsworth84 says:

    I have no love for conservatives or liberals. When the boot of government is on your throat, it concerns me little whether it’s a? right or left boot.

  9. pfarnsworth84 says:

    I never? said don’t pay taxes. I think a flat tax would be more fair than a progressive rate. States don’t need an income tax, NH has operated just fine without one. If you’re going to have taxes, they have to be apportioned to the states. You have to have some taxes to operate gov’t, but our gov’t is too huge right now and spending too much money. To pay for that, American’s tax burden is too high. You pay taxes when you work, eat, buy, sell, even when you die, you owe taxes.

  10. Coryscott5 says:

    I know your position — you’ve explained it. If you don’t agree with everything a democratically elected government does then you want to not pay taxes.

    And to your earlier question about California……they elected a right wing former movie action star after recalling a democratically elected governor. That is one reason. Hey — let’s get Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin to run things and then blame liberals too for the mess that is left behind. Great? formula, bad results.

  11. pfarnsworth84 says:

    Just gonna have to agree to disagree (although neither of us really know what the other’s? position is). I have better things to do with my time than screaming into the void.

  12. Coryscott5 says:

    You (ignorantly) said, “Spoken? like a true socialist”. And then you complain in the next post about how name-calling is desperate. Hmmmmm…..

  13. Coryscott5 says:

    OK — run away. Why ever read more than just talking points by conspiracy theorists, right? It is just so much easier to sit back and bitch that way! If you don’t think the constitution was meant to be? an evolving document, you are sadly mistaken. What the fuck do you think an amendment is?

    Back to school with you.

  14. Coryscott5 says:

    Let’s look at your formula this time:

    3 quick, unfounded insults to start, then a statement saying “go away” because? you hate to hear any dissenting opinion. Two more unfounded insults, followed by two more. And two more.

    Then a hypocritical claim suggesting I am “projecting with so much anger”, another unfounded claim, and another insult (repeated for the third time this post alone). And then a hypocritical and unfounded claim about spelling ability.

    Keep it coming – this is gold!

  15. pfarnsworth84 says:

    Ah yes, personal insults. I knew we’d get to it sooner or later. The act of a desperate man who can’t intelligently answer a question. Have fun by? yourself!

  16. Coryscott5 says:

    I did not mention Obama. The electing starts at the local level, with candidates that need to make it through primaries. But with dumb Americans saying pacifists are “socialists” or “hate America”? or “won’t keep us safe” — they stand no chance.

  17. Coryscott5 says:

    Spoken like a truly uneducated and misinformed hillbilly.?

  18. pfarnsworth84 says:

    I would pay my taxes if your socialist agenda hadn’t made it impossible for my previous employer to continue to give me a paycheck, just like millions? others who have lost their jobs thanks to increasing gov’t? taxation and regulation. Unemployment nationwide has now hit 10.1% and underemployment is up to 16%

  19. pfarnsworth84 says:

    I would pay my taxes if your socialist agenda hadn’t made it impossible for my previous employer? to continue to give me a paycheck, just like millions others who have lost their jobs thanks to the gov’t. Unemployment nationwide has now hit 10.1% and underemployment is up to 16%

  20. pfarnsworth84 says:

    Spoken like a true socialist. The US Constitution is not a “guideline” is the founding document of our government and the supreme law of the land. You do not discard, pieces of it willy nilly. That’s? how you end up with statism. How come those states with the lowest tax burden have the most prosperity and healthy job markets, whereas a communist paradise like California has huge tax burdens, high unemployment rates, and most of the state is sucking the Gov’t teat on welfare?

  21. pfarnsworth84 says:

    What pacifist, Obama? Who’s continuing to escalate the war in Afghanistan and increased our national debt more than all previous US presidents up? to Reagan? I don’t think so. I don’t vote for war mongers, I vote for politicians who stay out of other countries’ affairs. These people, sadly, never get elected. The last one who had a chance was Goldwater and that was in the 60’s.

  22. Coryscott5 says:

    Yes, when the country goes to war — the taxpayers? pay for it. Who the hell else would? Maybe don’t vote for the warmonger next time. Vote for the pacifist who won’t spend the country into a recession and deficit. Novel idea, no? Better than just whining and taking your ball home to brood.

    Pay your fucking taxes, deadbeat.

  23. Coryscott5 says:

    Ummmm, largely incorrect and irrelevant. Your analogy suggest? that men who lives hundreds of years ago know how to run a modern country. Their guidelines are fine, but it is more complicated than that, and you know it. What these ancient slave owners wrote down was great, but wasn’t meant as an ending point. Perhaps you need to study more, and maybe then you wouldn’t feel such outrage.

    Until then though, pay your fucking taxes, deadbeat. Or move to Somalia and see your Xanadu.

  24. Coryscott5 says:

    Your formula:

    Insult, wild insulting guess, insulting question, rhetorical question that has nothing to do with the discussion, insulting wild guess, insult, hypocrisy,? another rhetorical question signifying nothing, insult, insult, wild guess, laugh.

    Really though, although you type “lol” — it is we who are laughing. Please keep typing….it is why I am here. To expose you. Please continue.

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