Richest Americans Earning 4X Money, Paying Half of Taxes – Alyona Minkovski

Alyona Minkovski, host of RT’s The Alyona Show, discusses the motivations behind inaccurate and incomplete media coverage of taxes on the rich and corporat…
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  1. wjksea says:

    If everyone paid a flat percentage of their income? on social security the percentage withdrawn on the first 100k of income could be lowered. What you suggest would surely be more fair than the current system where multi-millionaires and billionaires pay half to a negative percentage of their income after loopholes compared with common workers wages. On the other hand, why should I pay the same percentage on the public infrastructure such as airports when it’s the wealthy whose use is higher?

  2. wjksea says:

    Terribly wrong on your part. Walmart receives immense government assist. First of all, the state of California alone is tens of millions of dollars in the hole subsidizing Walmart employees because they cannot support themselves on Walmart wages. If it weren’t for government, Walmart’s employees couldn’t afford to work for this dead beat parasite. That’s just the? beginning of the CON game non-democratic corporate government plays on society.

  3. s9z9s says:

    Wow, yes, brilliant argument. You don’t like the name so that invalidates the data and analyses they’re presenting. Unlike the East India Company, Wal Mart isn’t receiving government subsidy. They went about it on their own and didn’t receive and special grant? or privilege.

  4. wjksea says:

    I myself wouldn’t look to a magazine called “Reason” as an authoritative resource. It’s sounds too much like a major propaganda outlet’s “Fair and Balanced” motto. There is a significant amount of data strongly suggesting that WalMart has been to small business what The East India Company was to the early colonists of the U.S. which led to their act of revolt against it and the British Empire in the fairly well known Boston Tea Party.?

  5. s9z9s says:

    I have to disagree with you there. We’ve ALWAYS been the best. We’ve had the strongest economy in the world, with the highest per capita GDP, going all the way back to the late 1800s. I don’t blame the Waltons though. Reason magazine has actually calculated this, and if the family gave up their entire fortune, they’d only raise the wage of their? employees by ONE DOLLAR for a year. Your real problem should be with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.

  6. wjksea says:

    Good points that don’t seem to be discussed. I think the U.S. developed a myth around it’s success being the greatness of its “system” when it was rather it’s competitors who were crippled that created the illusion? of superiority. I agree, the politicians and the non-democratic global corporate government traitors hid behind the flag and betrayed the citizens. The Walton family is about as patriotic as Hitler to the U.S. in reality. The U.S. is their brothel and the citizens their bitches.

  7. s9z9s says:

    The rest of the industrialized world had its population, infrastructure, and economies devastated. We were the only country that came away relatively unscathed, leading to a post-war boom. Then the REST of the world developed, and now we have to compete on a global scale. I will say this, the effects wouldn’t have been as devastating had both of our political parties not sold our manufacturing workers down the river? with free trade hocus pocus.

  8. wjksea says:

    No need, turn to the old European kingdoms. They didn’t call themselves communists at all. They were private property kingdoms with unequal justice under the law. The king of course was not taxed in his own kingdom and the serfs who lived in the kingdom payed for the privilege to till the fields? on behalf of the king for nominal benefit. Communism and capitalism result in the same outcome in the absence of democracy. Concentrated wealth in the hands of a few who write the rules of the land.

  9. wjksea says:

    Sure,? talk about it., Many people look upon the 50s as a very prosperous time in the United States. A growing middle class comprised of people who could afford homes and send their children to college for the first time.

  10. s9z9s says:

    No? one paid that. The system was far more complicated then and full of loopholes. Also, when you factor in MC and SS tax, the overall tax burden was HIGHER. And you want to talk about the 1950s? How about we return to 1950s SPENDING LEVELS before you start talking about taxes?

  11. Mo McSuave says:

    this is why I? love youtube,its like my other classroom

  12. akkrauta says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. We’re on opposite sides of the issue. I support a flat tax. The only fair system is one which makes people pay the same percentage of their income. Any other way it’s favoring one over the other. People respond? to incentives (it’s a basic principle of macroeconomics), so if they have an incentive i.e. gov’t subsidy, welfare, etc for low income they’ll respond in-kind. That’s why many people don’t start looking for jobs until their welfare is about to expire.

  13. wjksea says:

    Taxes are a reality and I’d rather be taxed by a nation genuinely representative of all its citizens than one that is a privatized corporate oligarchy that only taxes the poorest of its citizens. Taxes are NOT just monetary…taxes are as well the young men and women who? have died or had their lives forever destroyed fighting for non-democratic global corporate government oligarchs.

  14. wjksea says:

    Progressive taxes NEVER stopped motivation? in the 1950s when the top income tax bracket was over 90%. The wealth derived from labor instead went into reinvestment in the companies which produced jobs and products to be exported globally. Cuba has some of those remnants it the old cars that litter its streets. I’d encourage you to listen to the thinkers like professor William Black and economist Dean Baker and give up on the rude used car salesmen Peter Schift and Milton Friedmans.

  15. wjksea says:

    If you thought outside your narrow brain you’d realize that communism and capitalism result in the SAME outcome. A few people have all the power and wealth of an entire nation…that’s the basic sum of it. Capitalists don’t mind the communists…that’s why they have no moral or ethical block to hiring their people and? putting up shop in their territories.

  16. dffykvn says:

    That’s the dumbest thing that I’ve heard in a while

    “I don’t feel like getting rich because then I’d have to pay taxes so I’ll continue living in a slum”

    Who in their right mind thinks like that

    People should pay taxes based on the amount of money they make, if someone doesn’t make any money they shouldn’t pay taxes, if someone doesn’t? make enough to qualify for taxes they shouldn’t pay after that it’s a scale with the top paying the most, that’s how it should be

  17. akkrauta says:

    I’ve had bad years? and guess what not only did I not pay any taxes, but I actually got refunded more than I paid in taxes over the year. Does that sound fair? We currently have regressive tax system, a progressive tax system is what you propose and it’s the polar opposite. It discourages upward mobility because it taxes the rich more heavily. I only suggest fairness, pay the same.

    What’s wrong with that?

  18. maxbie123 says:

    The rich gaining more money to me seems more of an issue of modernization and automation of the work force than some corporate domination of the world. If you want a balanced pay scale, turn to communism or return? to pre-industrial times.

  19. ntnima says:

    extreme views are “ok”

    what we really need more of is moderate sensible and clearly argued views. Cause without the middle ground, much? like without the middle class, we will only end up with polarizing viewers and splitting society. This doesn’t lead to a joint solution, it leads to more conflicts.

    that’s my opinion/view

  20. TokyoFreeze79 says:

    change his citizenship so that he could attend school in? Malaysia or wherever the fuck he went. I don’t give a shit about that. I just cared that he was born here. I’m fucking elated that he was.

    Those people are the sick ones. But they did bring up an issue that will help us prevent anything like this from actually happening in the future. (stranger things have happened in the world)

    Good news is:

    Obama is a legal president
    Constitution wasn’t ignored

    So I’m happy

  21. TokyoFreeze79 says:

    The Birther’s? real argument wasn’t settled just with the birth certificate release. They have some theory about how Obama lost his citizenship because of some law in effect when he was a child and his mom didn’t stay in the U.S. 4 months long enough for Obama to keep his citizenship, blah blah blah. I’m not exactly sure how his step father could….

  22. sep0507 says:

    This issue goes FAR BEYOND any conspiracy you cited. You’re comparing a minute segment of society to better than 60% of republicans that either believe he wasn’t born in the? US or is unsure of that fact. Even with the release of his birth certificate, these same republicans will not stop, and the republican leadership is unwilling to come out and publicly state that the issue is dead. They like the distraction, hopefully keeping the morons from seeing the real republican agenda.

  23. TokyoFreeze79 says:

    Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley noted that, back in the 19th century, questions were raised over the? American roots of Andrew Jackson and Chester Arthur.

    But it was “nothing like this,” he told CNN. “We are now in the age of electronic journalism. … This has become a ghastly? scenario (over) the last month.”

    Moving on to #2….

    You’re a little douche

  24. TokyoFreeze79 says:

    “The fact that Obama is black may affect the form of the conspiracy, but probably not the fact that there is a following for this rumor,” he told CNN. “Conspiracy beliefs have a long history in American politics.”

    Mayer cited a range of? political conspiracy theories, including claims regarding the Kennedy assassination, involvement on the part of the Clintons in alleged murders, and George W. Bush’s supposed knowledge of? the 9/11 terror attacks.

  25. TokyoFreeze79 says:

    From today on CNN:

    From CNN:

    It’s not fair to call a large segment of today’s electorate “1950s-style racists,” he said. But some people are “unconsciously prejudiced in a way that predisposes? them to not believing that a black man with a funny name could have really been legitimately elected president of the United States.”

    Bill Mayer, a Northeastern University political scientist? writes:….

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