Rep. Chaffetz on YouCut Proposal: Fire Federal Employees Who Are Not Paying Taxes.MP4

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  1. exultnu says:

    LA Times “Top of the Ticket” blog posting on Sept. 10, 2010: “41 Obama White House aides? owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes — and they’re not alone”. Read more. Enter “September 10, 2010 LA Times blog” in a Google search.

  2. exultnu says:

    I voted for this cut and am perturbed that Democrats – LAWMAKERS – won’t enforce the LAW in regard to citizens paying their federal taxes. If I owed, the IRS would be after me in no time. How is it government workers can avoid paying taxes? Why would their employer – the federal government – want to pay these federal workers salaries with our tax dollars but not make sure they pay their share of the tax burden? Why? were they not already relieved of their jobs? We want to know!

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