Reid Hitting Romney Hard Over (Possibly) Unpaid Taxes

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took his jihad concerning Mitt Romney’s personal finances to the chamber floor Thursday, repeating his unsubstantiated cla…



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  1. The Young Turks says:

    Reid Hitting Romney Hard Over (Possibly) Unpaid Taxes

  2. alexander wanda says:

    Romney’s a felon? Prove it. The real felon/traitor/illegal alien/fraud. IF
    he is re-elected all bets are off. ITS REVOLUTION DUDE!

  3. Robert Wood says:

    I still want to see his grades. If he is Cum Laude then he should be proud
    of his grades. In any event, one thing is clear: he is a failure as
    president. You can say all you want but it won’t change that fact. The
    majority of the country thinks we are going in the wrong direction (says
    surveys) and people don’t want Obamacare. Lets face it, if Obama had a
    record he’d run on it. He can’t.

  4. theguitarczar says:

    These same people despised Romney in ’08 and ’04 yet now all of a sudden
    he’s the answer to their neo-con dreams. This should tell people 2(at
    least)things: 1:The politicians and citizens who claim “support” of Romney
    do so out of a deeply seeded racist-fueled hate of Obama. 2:None of these
    so-called people from the religious right have either read their Bible or
    if they have they don’t believe any of it. Because Romney fits the mold of
    False Prophet!

  5. Dan Smith says:

    Yeah, because your current system of healthcare is the best in the world,
    right? Wrong. The US is the ONLY First World country that still does not
    have universal healthcare for its citizens. Heck, there are Third World
    countries that have a better, more inclusive national healthcare systems
    than the US.

  6. PatriotTexas says:

    If you are talking about that fake piece of crap the senate and the libtard
    jackass crap party drummed up. You are a dumbass without a question. !!!!.

  7. ozzyfan82 says:

    You hate the fact Bammer had his Grades Curved up?

  8. Sonof Atiger says:

    Ask the I.R.S. they can tell you if Romney Dangerfield payed taxes.

  9. Borak Obummer says:

    Socialism is when the government mandating people to buy something else be
    punished. That my ignorant friend is Obamacare. A dictator mandating that
    people buy health insurance from the GOVERNMENT. The great thing is that
    Obama only has 4 more months in office and socialism will once again be
    squashed into the ash heep of American history.

  10. sgtkpf says:

    “Taxes are balanced. If you cut taxes for some the only way to balance it
    out is to raise taxes on the rest.” Not even remotely true. You could cut

  11. Kronicilln3ss says:

    Why doesn’t anyone cover this in the news

  12. Kronicilln3ss says:

    Hahaha lmfao u know why he won’t release them and chooses to hide them
    instead? Well let’s look at an app for smart phones called sponsored by it
    shows what companies sponsor what politicians and Romney no suprise his #1
    payer is goldman and sacks and that’s fact by the association that tracks
    who sponsors who i forget the official name but it’s the one that the GOP
    electoral college uses and basically every bank finances him and it’s all
    the ones involved in the bailout it’s so obvious why doe

  13. Silberdachs says:

    He’s right. You are a birther fucktard. It must really suck to be a
    worthless coward like you.

  14. XChrisUnknownX says:

    It doesn’t mandate people buy it from the government. It mandates people
    buy it from the for-profit insurance companies. And the more you cite my
    ignorance while ignoring what I’m actually writing to you, the less
    credible you become. I will not change your mind, and you will not change
    mine, but be aware that your argument thrives off strong language like
    dictator, socialism, government. Plenty of states mandate we buy auto
    insurance. Is that socialism? Have we been socialists all this time?

  15. stellar C says:

    From the NY Times, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. NY Times
    WASHINGTON, Jan. 7 2007 — Families earning more than $1 million a year saw
    their federal tax rates drop more sharply than any group in the country as
    a result of President Bush’s tax cuts, according to a new Congressional
    study. Corporations compete with smaller local businesses but receive an
    unfair competitive advantage by using tax shelters to limit their tax
    liability. Legal maybe but anti-competitive.

  16. biggerturtle says:

    Using Reid’s logic prove he is not

  17. DillonDee1 says:

    Romney would not have selected a VP running mate who released to him only 1
    or 2 tax returns. We should hold him to the same standard on the selection
    for a President.

  18. PatriotTexas says:

    You talk about me believing BS, look at yourself first and than me. 2 minus
    2 does not equal 4 as the current obama regime wants people to believe.
    Name how many democrat mayors has led cities to total fiscal meltdown vs
    Republicans which is happening all over the US. Wall street owned cities
    broke by over-spending and borrowing beyond common sense. Prove how smart
    you are.

  19. Silberdachs says:

    From my mouth to God’s ear! Mitt went and did it! Obama / Biden 2012.
    Landslide 2nd term.

  20. stellar C says:

    But don’t that 1% control 90% of the wealth.Thirty corporations paid less
    than nothing in aggregate federal income taxes over the entire 2008-10
    period. These companies, whose pretax U.S. profits totaled $160 billion
    over the three years, included: Pepco Holdings (–57.6% tax rate), General
    Electric (–45.3%), DuPont (–3.4%), Verizon (–2.9%), Boeing (–1.8%), Wells
    Fargo (–1.4%) and Honeywell (–0.7%). All the while receiving the protection
    of the US and you want to help them steal more.

  21. Norman Smart says:

    @sgtkpf Good argument though

  22. Simon Ohfiveninesix says:

    Now Reid is saying Mitt paid TOO MUCH in taxes? This guy’s a joke

  23. Tom Claire says:

    Would you like my source? I like to use the IRS. I also like to use the
    Federal Govt which says it is NOT a crime to have overseas accounts. If it
    were Republicans and Democrats would all be arrested. If you have a 401k I
    would bet that YOU are invested in a company that has accounts overseas.
    Maybe You should be investigated for doing something 100% legal? Get a clue
    and try and focus on the issues. You know those issues right? JOBS,
    ECONOMY, DEBT etc?

  24. Liberator8049 says:

    Don’t argue with those leftist loonies, they are just followers of Obama’s
    propaganda campaign to distract.

  25. Chiggy Boum says:

    Waaaaaaaaah, waaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..Sniff sniff……Boo hoo hooo,

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