Rand Paul: We Should Let Democrats Raise Taxes

Are higher taxes inevitable? If they are, Senator Rand Paul wants no Republican fingerprints on them. Last night, he told Greta van Susteren on Fox News that…
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  1. bmw200000 says:

    9/11 was an inside job? !!

  2. The Oracle says:

    well our Local Republicans have got word from “A Source” that he will for
    sure be running in 2016. But Gabriel….You Didn’t hear it from me 😉

  3. Dre4dwolf says:

    The entire govt is full of sell-outs, who cares if theres on more? The
    democrats wont be happy until the middle class is destroyed and workers pay
    80% of their income in taxes and the other 20% in “union dues” that go to
    paying off politicians to keep union bosses stuffed fat like pigs.
    Republicans wont stop until the robberbarrons and rothschilds own every
    utility, bank, and piece of realestate and we are all renting from the
    money over-lords.

  4. Fujio B says:

    Gary Johnson should run for the Senate

  5. bmw200000 says:

    rand paul is a sell out to all libertarians let alone his father.

  6. C Warren says:

    I had a really hard time accepting the fact that Dr. Paul’s campaign wasn’t
    “in it to win it”. Once I swallowed that pill it was easier to understand
    Rand’s moves. BTW I got those Bionic wrenches in Monday and they seem great

  7. djgabrielpresents says:

    Gary Johnson ? i did not support him

  8. C Warren says:

    Most of us here know the NIST report was a waste of paper designed from the
    go to fail.

  9. djgabrielpresents says:

    The liberty movement seems to love him, I almost got kick out for booing
    him in Tampa.

  10. djgabrielpresents says:

    nice to see you! i don’t think Rand will be running for potus

  11. djgabrielpresents says:

    Where you been bro ?

  12. talkisreallycheap says:

    I love this guy.

  13. The Oracle says:

    Rand Paul 2016!!!!

  14. The Oracle says:

    I have been working with local Republican parties to get Rand Paul
    traction. Put I am still here 🙂

  15. djgabrielpresents says:

    Good to know that:) I just ordered a pair of shoes that are made in the U.S

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