R.A. Grimes : Are Taxes Unconstitutional ?

Are Income Taxes Unconstitutional or Illegal? The United State income tax is a legal tax, and if you meet certain requirements, you must pay income taxes. Th…



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  1. Swissguy says:

    where can I have a free counselor to help me to pay or to avoid to pay tax
    through loopholes?

  2. sovereignsilver says:

    your signiture is legal tender

  3. MegaAstrodude says:

    @2:54, You’re misconstruing the argument. It’s not that the tax itself is
    slavery, it’s that the labor to file the income tax is slavery.
    Technically, the government has avoided a serious constitutional challenge
    by providing tax counselors at low cost to people so they don’t have to
    bear all of the labor of filing the tax return. Without free legal aid for
    needy people, they would definitely see a challenge to that law.

  4. taint spray says:

    This maybe the case for income taxes, but property taxes are
    unconstitutional. The Texas supreme court ruled that property taxes are

  5. Gary Schultz says:

    It is not legal. Just because there is case law supporting the fraud means
    that you’ll go to jail – but says nothing about the constitutionality of
    the 16th Amendment – which was never ratified, btw. So, the fix is in on
    taxes – the courts rule, and often if not always refuse to hear such
    arguments that are put forth in this video. So, either pay your tax to the
    tax man, or go to the slammer. This country is corrupt more than any third
    world dictatorship. I suppose next they’ll take guns?

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