Quickbooks Tutorial – Income Taxes Part 2

http://www.my-quickbooks-expert.com Second part of a tutorial on how to use Quickbooks to help prepare your income tax returns.
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  1. Jolie Femme says:

    please, do you can speak frances ? merci

  2. susanmystic says:

    Hi – I imported my bills from neatworks into quickbooks 2011 but it is only
    showing the total and did not separate out the sales taxes I paid – do I
    need to manually go into quickbooks and fix that so that it shows the taxes
    I paid so I can do my quaterly taxes properly and pay the sales/use taxes
    on those items I did not pay on yet. Desparte since I need to fill in a
    couple of day! Yikes!

  3. ftoftheX says:

    Great Vids you might get more hits to your web site if you put your good
    books as a hyperlink text…

  4. gardenrose1850 says:

    Thank you. This was very helpful as I am expanding my knowledge of

  5. QuickBooksUK says:

    Quite Useful

  6. Howard Blackwood says:

    I like that you have an actual 1120s form to show exactly where the results
    go after use the income tax assignment. Great video

  7. 99672walker says:

    need help please intered an acct in bills then went in and pd bill but some
    how the bill got intered twice and so how do I reconcile this to make it
    nul and void?

  8. Renegada1000 says:

    Great video, I wonder if quickbooks in canada is different since they have
    a different tax system. Do you think you can perform quickbooks tasks for
    canadian businesses? Thank you for sharing this!

  9. akumaserge2 says:

    Dude, I just watched all your quickbooks videos, and I think you just
    taught me the basics in under an hour. You are great.

  10. Bettyboable1 says:

    thank you very much for all your help!!!

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