Protesters to Bank of America: Pay Your Taxes

On April 15, in the run up to this year’s Tax Day, hundreds of protesters descended on a Bank of America branch in Union Square, New York City. They demanded…



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  1. bankslayer says:

    Banks are the same worldwide, in Australia the National Australia Bank is
    forever in court – I’m just one of their many victims. I’m with FlintPublic
    – Solidarity!

  2. michael brandimarte says:

    why dont some of these people admit they caused some of there own problems

  3. David Abraham says:

    Go get em Chris Hedges, and go get em America!

  4. bapyou says:

    Bank executives: Kill ’em all. Let God sort ’em out.

  5. Public D says:


  6. ytMarkcg says:

    Banks in general are pretty slime ball….

  7. weworkforamerica says:

    Want to REALLY make a difference. TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT of banks and put it
    into a CREDIT UNION. Credit Unions also pay no taxes but they give the
    money to YOU in lower rates, cheaper services and NOT big bonuses for
    corporate criminals.


    hahahah ,….come out with your hands up..

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