Progressive versus Regressive Taxes

You have probably heard in recent news about regressive and progressive state taxes. This is a quick look at what those terms really mean. For more informati…
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  1. Skibum Willy says:

    In “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” a simple rule? tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! It’s something specific we can demand. Are we really just this close to having it work right? Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie! Watch “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on Youtube (“Occupying Chairlifts” 5.0) then sign the petition, and share it!!

  2. TheFreeFlow says:


    I can say the SAME about YOUR fucking liberal america!

    Colonization, more then 30! THIRTY!!! Wars provoked by amerika, OPEN slavery and? slave trade, genocide of the indians and other native americans, and a total of 1,6BILLION murders!!!

    Your liberal and republican system only works with massmurder and slavery!

    Pahahaha see? I can make the same pathetic and stupid claim.

    Thats why either bring me some real facts and some niveau in talk, or im gonna end this senseless discussion.

  3. TheFreeFlow says:

    So ur saying germany before the war was slavery and genocide? Ur saying vietnam is slavery or genocide? Or cuba? Wake up and learn to face reality you uneducated and brainwashed idiot.

    As I said LEARN your history, economy and politics in the future. All you did? here was displaying your ignorance, ur blasphemy and ur cheap republican propaganda bullshit.

    Sry but either you bring me some serious facts or arguments, or im gonna end this debatte.

  4. TheFreeFlow says:

    LOL^^ How come then its the SOCIALstaates in europe that are? the richest and have the highest living standards? And how come the capitalist staates are in the middle, and the liberal staates are the poorest? How come that is so?

    Again u proove to the people and me that u know NOTHING about economy, history or politics.

  5. TheFreeFlow says:

    So ur saying that germany before the? war based on genocide and massmurder?

    Learn history u uneducated monkey.

  6. NiceGuyCody says:

    Progressive Tax is a pyramid scheme designed to siphon money from the worker (funny how you never hear any? lower or middle class workers clamoring for a tax system that takes more money from them for putting in more hours) into the hands of a centralized government who spends it on itself and blows off a lot of BS about “the people”.

    So is it any surprise that it appeals to armchair dictators like Freeflow, Whedonfan, turnoffx, ETC?

  7. NiceGuyCody says:

    “By taxing the rich and redistributing the money to workers that money is used immediately on needs and debts and therefore flows back into the economy. Keynsianism contrary to what tea party fascists would ahve us believes? works. ”

    . . . but only if you squint your eyes shut, stick your fingers in your ears and ignore the last 80 years of history.?

  8. NiceGuyCody says:

    oh and? im no optimist or pessimist, im a realist

    Not only have you deluded yourself into believing that Communism works at anything except abject slavery and genocide, you’ve also convinced yourself it’s the best availible system. You’re as far removed from reality as it’s possible to get.

  9. NiceGuyCody says:

    “but in america socialism is so demonised here”

    You say that as if there isn’t a? century’s worth of good reason as to why. Socialism only spreads poverty and oppression.

  10. NiceGuyCody says:

    “The only succesfull movement that exists is either communism, or single movements which at least have? communistic elements in it.”

    Sre, if you’re judging “success” based on mass murder bodycounts, enforced poverty and totalitarian oppression.

  11. leftwingersunited says:


  12. Michael Tackett says:

    thank you so? much, i will

  13. TheFreeFlow says:

    but this goes even deeper…. well im not stupid^^ But im also definitely? no pro for liberterian communism in america. If u are interested u might want to visit weird liberal heads channel, there u will find some real “pros”in GOP and the true american liberans.

  14. TheFreeFlow says:

    well the libertarian system, is at least in the USA, a? case for itself. But at least the branch of GOP, or the socialists-liberian-communists, is a case for itself as i said. There are many things which the main GOP people are not okay with, for example alone bush joining the libertarians, they were against it, bush ignored it, just as he ignored the votes once. Or one, radical, branch of GOP which is against gay marriage, all main GOP branches are strictly against them.

  15. TheFreeFlow says:

    again not the free market system nono. If it were so, it wouldnt have been a total, good, revolutionary system as it was first introduced. Its like democracy, what the people make of it. Exactly here is were we all must change, the system, but the poeple to, who must start to think about these things. Since those things influence theyre? economy, and therefore theyre rights and money, and therefore theyre life to.

  16. Michael Tackett says:

    and yes i agree with your point, that is why i am opossed to the libertarian? syatem, sorry i forgot to say that

  17. Michael Tackett says:

    so let the free market destroy the market? we have been down that road, not a pretty? sight

  18. TheFreeFlow says:

    to that point: Yeah as i said somewhere else or here, there will? always be people or are corrupt ur just plain assholes. BUT: if the whole system is corrupt, und u are to, u wont attract any further attention. In a socialist system where the majority of the people is different, and aware, u can try, but u will get exposed quickly and easily. In such a system u wouldnt have chances. In this system u have massive chances to be an corrupt, money making, asshole.

  19. TheFreeFlow says:

    I know and thanks^^ i know its like david vs goliath actually… and that we actually have no chance. Okay im actually no person to really talk, okay i have my low living standard, i revolted slightly already before, but the true change came is i used? everything i had, ripped “my ass open” to say it in ger, and still got nothing in return for my hard work… that was when i pledged even my life to a change, and then i discovered communism, and over weeks i begann to understand it

  20. Michael Tackett says:

    i give you credit, you are a fighter, and i like that same here, but too bad there is not enough fighters out there,? oh well

  21. TheFreeFlow says:

    well here its not that much better, socialists and also communists often get a “cold shoulder” instantly. But what else do u want to do? The only succesfull movement that? exists is either communism, or single movements which at least have communistic elements in it. Else, u can only live on, and wait what happens. If ur really satisfied with it its ur life and decision, i am not, and since this kind of life is fucked up anyway, id rather die fighting then living on as a slave.

  22. Michael Tackett says:

    ok, so let’s just keep the system as is? no i do not think so, that was what i was trying to say, i think we do need more socialist policies, but in america socialism is so demonised here, it is kind of hard to do so, but there always will be the corrupt, but we do not give up the fight man, no we do not?

  23. Michael Tackett says:

    @shadowgeyser yes, that is why i am actually for taxing the rich shadow, i think these bastards need to pay their fair share, of course using the modern day tax code has so many loop holes in it, i think it would? be great to close those loop holes, but goodness forbid the dems and the gop let that happen

  24. TheFreeFlow says:


    but, when it is as at the moment, just everyone is corrupt, or nearly everyone. And? those who are NOT corrupt have a very HARD TIME. In an anti-socialistic as well as in a socialistic staate u will have a few ppl who act or think different. But as the examples showed, the MAJORITY, of actions is influenced by it. And as i said, even if u try to be corrupt in a socialistic staate or country, u will have a hard time and u will get exposed easily, and? quickly.

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