Prestashop 101 Day 8: Taxes, Currencies, Payments

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  1. Felisza Nichols says:

    This program is becoming cumbersome for us who do not know how in the world
    to do what you mentioned. Sigh. I’m spending so much time trying to get
    this site set up it’s ridiculous.

  2. Felisza Nichols says:

    I don’t know if you figured it out but here is the thread title to a pretty
    good thread on this situation in the forum (U.S. – Taxes) thread started by
    Star this is an issue Prestashop really needs to address we should not have
    to create complicated formulas (I am not a developer, coder or any of the
    sorts) to be that tech savvy. These threads are from 2009 and it doesn’t
    seem that anything has been changed. Thx Nemo for all you do but presta
    needs to step up a bit.

  3. KatyaGe says:

    Thanks a lot Nemo, all your tutorials are very helpful.

  4. Genuvi Barrels says:

    Great Video Nemo, Thank you

  5. Nemo's Post Scriptum says:

    Interesting question. As far as I know, you can access the tax excluded
    version in the product page like {$product->price_tax_exc}. So maybe you
    can hardcode this instead of the price with the if conditional (to always
    display this one, even if taxes are enabled).\Not sure how this will
    behave with attributes, though

  6. Gavin Donohue says:

    Nemo, I have a something that you may have come across. When I try to
    update currencies I just get a red bar on top with a red X (letting me know
    it didn’t work) The only other text is a letter ‘C’ . Have you ever seen

  7. Chetan Raj says:

    Nemo, is there anyway to get the tax to only show up in the shopping
    cart/check out page, and not showing in the product page price by default?
    In the US, taxes vary greatly by state. For example, I’m selling to the
    whole US from Texas, but only people I sell to in Texas will have the state
    sales tax of 8.25 pct applied. I’d like to only show the additional cost in
    the checkout page, and have the flat ‘100 dollar’ cost shown on my product
    page (instead of 108.25). Thanks!!

  8. Nemo's Post Scriptum says:

    Uhm…nope, never seen something like that. Try turnin errors On in
    config/config.inc.php. You might get some other info. It looks like the
    output text is being truncated for some reason

  9. Gavin Donohue says:

    Thanks again Nemo. Really informative.

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