Poor People Don’t Pay Enough Taxes – Senator Hatch

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch argued that top income earners pay too much in taxes while the bottom 51% of Americans don’t pay enough. Michael Shure explain…
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  1. m Cummings says:

    Hatch 3 million plus net worth?

  2. Nick Chapereal says:

    LOL, Senator Hatch said: ” Anything I can do for the Jews…I will do ” . Isn’t 2.2 billion tax dollars each year enough? He also “sang” and composed “the eight days of Haunnika ” really makes you WONDER where this man’s? from…. I wonder what his part in 9-11 was ???

  3. Nick Chapereal says:

    Don’t raise taxes or bleeding the poor… STOP THE SPENDING ! Tax payers are supporting 2.2 B annually? to Israel alone ??? paying for underground cities so elites can hide their asses.. Making of weapons, armored plated vehicles, war vessels, and the wasted payroll on a group of traitorous Senators, Congressmen and president who serve the Israeli … all traitors .Get rid of the garbage …clean house, not rape the poor and elderly. Seems the NAZIS are doing well in the United States.

  4. VenusFreedom777 says:

    Fucking bastard!!! Senator Hatch can fuck off!! We poor people pay? WAY too much in taxes. Fuckers, how bout less taxes for us so we can buy more of the latest shit and contribute to the economy more???

  5. Emma Elcsander says:

    actually there some good solutions to resolve the financial crisis as much as possible, such as personal account, which identified it through the book program of economic interdependence, which includes family and? individual and society really wonderful, the author ALzahrani.

  6. Davor Pavli? says:

    these guys in video? have mind …in my land president and other dudes dont even mind about this..dont even mind

  7. Davor Pavli? says:

    i dont agree with guy below..in ur country is much much much better believe me..in my country is all? fucked up and messed up..

  8. badbarada says:

    I agree. The reason why people don’t have jobs today because government pushes taxes to the limits. Small businesses just cannot survive. Big corporations move to china, thailand, malaisia etc. so they don’t have to deal with huge taxes. I’m an owner operator truck driver and make good? money, but taxes are just killing me. God help us all

  9. Susana Perales says:

    how do u think poor people r gonna pay…they can barely survive. u know what,they can barely survive with the? little money they have…we r doing just fine in america

  10. Maurice DUMOU says:

    put your fucking taxe? in your ASS MF you

  11. Bob Johnson says:

    WE need to trash the tax system and go flat? tax.

  12. Makiba Uboke says:

    Working and poor class people…you have been in a class war for centuries….did the poor make the? working hours, did the working & poor set up the economic system, did the working & poor set the prices on goods..everything that is in this matrix was set up by the rich…and you lose because you were unaware you were in a class war

  13. jared zoelzer says:

    I? concure.

  14. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    I don’t think you know the trick of the trade then… I’ve witnessed? it firsthand. People trade stamp money for real money. They also get EBT CASH.

  15. jennifer snyder says:

    The people who have never been on foodstamps have NO CLUE! Applying for the shit is hard enough, knowing that you need it is worse, No one wants to ask for help, people? lose their jobs and get sick. its life. its nice to know its there if you need it. kinda like Social Security.

  16. jennifer snyder says:

    you cant? buy cigarettes and booze with foodstamps, IDIOT!

  17. SocietalSlave says:

    Go ahead and make the tax rate on the businesses and corporations 99% and see what happens to the cost of food at the market place, or what happens to the rate of employment or workers wages. The government is a fucking leech upon society? that needs to be killed yet you fucking poor people want to make that leech as big as possible because so you can steal as much of the taxpayers money as possible so you wont have to get a job.

  18. SocietalSlave says:

    No they cant, but they sure can spend hours of their day waiting at the UN-employment office to pick up money thats not theirs instead of working. Poor people and their fucking excuses, when are they? gona learn that they are the reason for why they’re poor.

  19. SocietalSlave says:

    Exactly, why would I want to give my money to a bunch? of thieving Liars.

  20. jackjnx says:

    fuck youre taxes this government doesnt deserve my? money their a bunch of sell outs and theaving liars

  21. casey cleckner says:

    we dont have any money to pay taxes so how the fuck are we going to pay taxes if we dont have money to eat both theese? mother fuckers on this clip are pieces of shit!

  22. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    Let? me argue at a different angle, from the perspective of assisting poor people. A good portion of the tax dollars are spent on food stamps, and those stamps are not always used for food. They are used for cigarettes and boose. Most people on food stamps don’t need food stamps.

  23. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    interest rates are lower than ever… actually tons of lobbyist on K street get loans with 0% interest rate… seriously, who exactly would you rather see run the country? Government or Corporations? The answer is simple. You can overthrow both, but its much easier to destroy a corporation through boycott? or sanctions.

  24. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    the banks have all the money… yeah sure and? the shares that people buy, that must be owned by the bank too… fucking moron.

  25. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    Taxing corporations dont hurt wealthy people, it just screws over the people who work in manufacturing, sales, or advertising. Ever wonder why no? one gets a raise? Maybe its because corporations are taxed more than any other country…

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