“Please Raise My Taxes”

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  1. buddacafe says:

    Fucking retarded people. Raise my taxes? I bet his next request would have? been. “Fix everything because i believe you know how to do it”. Regarded mother fuckers i swear.

  2. grantos33 says:

    Corporations are totally like evil and greedy? and stuff. Oh, and anyone who wants less taxes is a racist

  3. oleg koles says:

    This Is Propaganda !?

  4. RealLifeStranger says:

    LOL GOOD? one

  5. RealLifeStranger says:

    why dont? you just give your money to the govt then ?

  6. CanadaCorporateTax says:

    I? remember reading about President Carter paying more taxes than was legally payable; the people who recommend paying more tax, are they contributing more tax now?

  7. Spartan2288 says:

    Pay 80% of? your money to taxes, no one is stopping you

  8. SuperThe86 says:

    Europeans have more freedom than Americans living in the Police State Of America.?

  9. janderson2000 says:

    Please take my money and give to people who didn’t earn it. ? Also, be sure to keep plenty for your administration so you can live it up at the white house. I don’t want it, and I don’t want my family to have it either. I want it to go to illegal, wait, I mean undocumented people’s services.

    Jesus Christ. This guy is a fucking moron. I want to punch him in the face.

  10. CRTtoVIP says:

    He? can easily write a check to the government for however much he wants to give. Redistributing wealth has never worked without the aid of a repressive and tyrannical government. The results of governmental socialism are currently on display in Europe. The truth is, capitalism is the best system out there which has raised living standards dramatically for people across the globe.

  11. Ronald Blair says:

    Obama is a slick smooth talking CON-MAN who is likable but a liar who has covered his criminal past history- His FORGED birth certificate is only a small part of his crimes- GOOGLE “LARRY SINCLAIR” he talks about Obama’s past history when Obama sold him drugs etc- I believe LARRY? because I know Obama a FRAUD- every part of his past has been deliberatly destroyed- he even surrendered his LAW license in order to avoid investigation- This is not the action of a truthful or even decent man-

  12. richardsmithmusic says:

    depends what you spend the revenue on….it can ruin or help the economy depending where you help? it..


    Stupid is as stupid does I guess. This government is a government of the people and by the people. If you hate our government you hate the American people. If you want less government you should leave this country and go to a country that has less government. Places like Hati, Somalia, or? Albania. Wait better go to Albania. The other countries have too many black people and you hate black people. No pesky Hover Dam or Interstate Hwy systems. I hear Albania wants to put a man on the moon.


    The Government? doesn’t have a revenue problem. It doesn’t have a spending problem. It has a ruled too long by ignorant inbred trailer trash problem. That has changed now and things are looking better. I am pro Patriot Act now that WE are in power and can use it to round up the traitors and criminals who caused the U.S. and world econimies to crash. You have no knowledge of history or great civilizations. Left up to you our greatest achievement would be “The Worlds Largest Trailer Park.

  15. kev3d says:

    Egypt, Greece, Rome….what happened to those societies? They collapsed and were eventually conquered because building monuments is not the same as prosperity. Yes, America did used to build railroads…until they invented cars and planes. Virtually all sky scrapers are privately built and even many roads and bridges, in fact some of the best roads are private toll roads. The government is larger than ever? before and you want to give them even more money. Astounding.

  16. kev3d says:

    Im curious…who was it that renewed the patriot act? Seems like there was a fellow who claimed he was going to? shut down Guantanamo prison camp and end the wars overseas. No chance that this same person could, oh I dunno, triple the number of troops in Afghanistan, keep tens of thousands in Iraq, bomb Libya without congressional approval and allow the ATF to provide guns to drug cartels.

  17. kev3d says:

    The Federal Government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Meanwhile Obama, following Bush’s lead, thinks that he can spend his way out of debt in the same way that drilling holes in the bottom of a? boat is meant to let water drain out. All raising taxes on “the rich” does is give incentives to move the assets offshore.

  18. kamilmytnik says:

    Does anyone think? Bush could have answered the question like that?

  19. flahr1 says:

    Taxes are not the problem with the? US. Remember this: Raising taxes will not save the united states economy

  20. richardsmithmusic says:

    We needs to raise taxes on the wealthy like Regan did and build bridges and roads and schools and infrastucture/job taining? etc HERE. Not overseas. That’s what this is about.

  21. wReCktangle says:

    Pay more taxes then DIPSHIT… no one is stopping you? from sending money into the Federal Government.

    OH YEAH… and the Government which is $15 trillion in debt is going to spend it really fucking well anyway… Government has an OUTSTANDING track record of? spending money wisely… hmm, yeah, right.


    Don’t start shit there won’t be shit. Check the threat who started talking about parents first? You did. Isn’t that just like a bully, stand up to them they break down into a blubbering sack of crap. You are the QUINTESSENTIAL TeaBagger a small, ignorant cowardly lion. You’re not a real person. I believe you are one of those taking $50/ hour? from the Koch brothers to spew hate on the internet. A Koch bitch. Every American deserves what your mother had. Gov. Health Care and S.S.

  23. gottchem3 says:

    My mother? died last Oct 22,2010 at the age of 93. The private emails you have sent me are beyond vile. You have the sickest mind I have ever seen on the internet, you really need help. If this is all you can resort to, you lost, we won.


    Your mother would tell you the shut up and stop acting like a fool herself except for the fact that her mouth? is pretty full right now. Last night she help me trace your family history on Ancestry dot com. So for your sake I posted it on Youtube. Enjoy. and Your welcome.



    If this was a difference of opinion there could be civil discourse. I can’t reason with sociopaths. The truth has no meaning for you. You have faith based opinion? while I have fact based opinions. As your opinions are based on faith you will not hesitate to lie in order to support your position. We have had 12 years of Bush tax cuts that destroyed the world economy. Yet you, like the captain of the Titanic say full speed ahead. 80% of people want to raise taxes on the 1%.

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