Phil Mickelson tee’d off over high taxes



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  1. Sinclair Rothschild says:

    Haymaker710 you have to add his property tax,? and Cali 9.3%. It’s over 60%.

  2. haymaker710 says:

    His tax rate is really less then 53% according to current tax laws. It’s still too high but I don’t? think he should exaggerate.

  3. Skibum Willy says:

    In “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to give the 99% the key to the vaults! It’s something? specific we can demand. Are we really just this close to having it work right? Break one link, and the chains fall away! Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie! Watch “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” (“Occupying Chairlifts” 5.0) on Youtube then sign the petition, and share it!!

  4. repro24569 says:

    Anyone who thinks the old timers actually paid a 90%? rate are idiots. They had so many deductibles and loop holes back then, it was nothing even close to that. And if anyone thinks ANYONE should pay 90% of their income to the government, you are living in THE WRONG COUNTRY!

  5. ThisJustin123 says:

    @ Jim Lynch–What you say is true…to bad some people do? not want to hear it.

  6. myboylollipop09 says:

    I live in California and am sick of my taxes being spent carelessly and irresponsibly.. PHIL you have every right to express your dislike on the amount you pay in taxes and don’t let anybody tell you different..It was so refreshing to hear your original comments. I about fell over? hearing the unvarnished truth from such a truthful and well respected gentleman..

  7. PietraBourneuf says:

    62%….yeah,? that’s reasonable. smh…not!

  8. xlfutur1 says:

    And I’m sure that if you made the income Phil does, you’d be happy to fork over to the government 62% of what you’ve worked your whole damn life for. Phil has given away more to charities than most people make in a lifetime. But we are told by our current leaders that we have to hate him and everyone else who makes alot of money. Greedy and selfish bastards! Maybe? we should just all move to North Korea where everyone is equal and there are no wealthy cry babies like Phil.

  9. John Geiger says:

    Wonderful platform. Money=Evil and if we had socialism then all would be? well. Hogan, Palmer, and Snead didn’t make enough to be taxed at 90%, that’s a load of shit. There is a big difference between fairness and stealing over 60% of everything somebody works for. If we took every penny from everyone in the Forbes 400, we wouldn’t make it through 2013, and then have nobody worth taxing after that. Fairness is a flat tax rate so everyone pays their fair share.

  10. Jim Lynch says:

    Yet another crybaby 1%er guided only by his greed and selfishness.Forbes list as 7th highest payed athlete in the world ($47.8 M). baby phil: just decide if you want to be part of a SOCIETY or buy an island someplace-or join the F1 drivers and euro football stars in monte carlo.Ben Hogan,Arnold Palmer,Sam Snead, just to name 3 of your fellow Hall of Famers, played in the era when tax rates were over 90% – THEY didnt leave. so pathetic phil -? please just retire and whine away all you wish.

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