Peter Schiff | Warren Buffett and his hypocrisy on taxes

Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWxiQdvO_aA.
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  1. Michael Farley says:

    Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t pay 35% in taxes. Peter Schiff knows this? and is lying to you.

  2. gastraball says:

    Very good. That’s the? point! 🙂

  3. Pasan Hapuarachchi says:

    Not sure about the tax code in the US… But if a corporation pays out dividends, based on what Peter is saying, those dividends are NOT tax deductible for the corporation? For example, if a corp pays a salary, that salary should be deducted? to arrive at the taxable profits. But, if dividends are paid, that is NOT deductible? That’s the only way the 35% (corp) + 15% Buffet’s personal tax = 50% tax rate makes sense.

  4. Frostype says:

    Briliant!!! Goo? job Peter!?

  5. Evan Donoghue says:

    “Warren personally paying a? bit more tax will not achieve this goal.”
    Yeah, you have to steal from a lot more people than that_ Ur such an? authoritarian_

  6. zebbedi says:

    Warren is of course going to pay the least amount of tax possible and so will any other sensible business person. What he is saying is that tax rates need to go up across the board so that substantial gross tax revenue can be garnered. Warren personally paying a? bit more tax will not achieve this goal.

  7. zebbedi says:

    A speech devoid of any common sense.?

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