PayPal Shipping and Taxes Set Up

Set up your PayPal shipping and taxes for ShopTab Facebook storefront.
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  1. Beaming Baby says:

    Hi The Paypal checkout button can’t be clicked – We are testing ShopTab on
    our Beaming Baby Facebook Page – All suggestions welcome

  2. The Business says:

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  3. ShopTab Videos says:

    Since we are based in the US we can only access a US PayPal dashboard. The
    dashboard will vary for different countries but the set up process for
    taxes and shipping will be similar.

  4. Kaidennadin says:

    Do you realise this is completely useless for anyone outside of the US?

  5. Jaime Teran Rocha says:

    Hi! thanks for this video, one quick question, how can I offer free
    shipping? I already set up my paypal for shipping 0, but on my store there
    is a subtotal tab and it says “Does not include shipping” that’s confusing
    for my customers since on the descriptions I say “free shipping” :),

  6. ShopTab Videos says:

    Hello Jaime, “Does not include shipping” in the cart drop down can be
    changed in your ShopTab admin, in the translate section. Let us know if you
    have anymore questions, and for feature reference you can always reach us
    at support@shoptab.net.

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