Paying TAXES and Filling My FACE

This is a short somewhat funny video of me filling my face at my local coffee shop. I had to go pay my taxes so I thought I would do this video. After I paid…



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  1. Onneff69 says:

    Oh,? okay. 😉

  2. old64goat says:

    NO NO, We ONLY pay taxes on our mobile home, we own that but the land is rented and the? park owner pays taxes on it no us.

  3. Onneff69 says:

    You have to pay a lot fee AND property taxes..on the park owner’s land ??? That’s bullsh*t!?

  4. old64goat says:

    Yes they are doing property evaluation, done evey 10 years, taxes WILL be higher next year, SS checks will not be higher that is IF we get SS, be out in the street if? we lose SS.
    I have said it before we ARE headed for a 1929 type DEPRESSION.
    There will be only 2 classes of people, the very rich & the very poor.

  5. Lockemeister says:

    This is a neat video from start to? finish. I liked the door slam on the truck after you parked for the coffee and we saw you clearly in the window of the coffee shop. It was really artistic, no joke. Looks like a nice town where you live. They do seem pretty anal measuring every square inch of your structures.

  6. Lockemeister says:

    Take a Walk on the Wild? Side…Like the song on the Radio Daddio!
    PS, this is a great video and the quality and audio is superb!

  7. cadjunk says:

    Hi Bill: ? Should we take up a collection for your lunch, after having to pay those taxes (LOL!) It looked like you were enjoying your meal. Thanks for the ride along. Take care. Gwen

  8. radioman56 says:

    Bill 2 things? we face in life Taxes and deth wich are bolth things that are sad to do

  9. old64goat says:

    Thanks? I will look into that when I can get caugh up with things.

  10. xmpsrt says:

    google wlsheadliners
    Comes with new fabric and glue. Looks new from factory. In case you’re? interested.

  11. old64goat says:

    @xmpsrt, I once had a 1985 Plymouth Reliant that had the same thing, the head liner was loose.
    I used this spray made by 3M, it held for about a week, these things have to be glued in with contact cement.
    It will bleed through but short of having a por? fix it that is the only way to keep it from coming loose.

  12. xmpsrt says:

    Hiya Bill! I’ve got a project you might enjoy. I ordered a cheap kit online to recover my headliner-took about 45 minutes total. I noticed yours was waving at me like mine use to.? Thanks for another enjoyable roadtrip.

  13. old64goat says:

    Who is? Lou Reed????

  14. Psqwall says:

    I like that the old goat? listens to Lou Reed

  15. cgillyard says:

    Wow, nice? ride and nice sound system in the truck. Camera picks up great sound and video. I enjoy your videos and keep them up. CG.

  16. 2Bibleppl says:

    Sorry to hear that, I’m glad that you? now have Sally whose a beautiful cat.

  17. old64goat says:

    Yes that was our cat Snoopy, he had to be put down last March because he had cancer, he was 12 1/2.?

  18. 2Bibleppl says:

    Great shot of the cat at the? end, beautiful cat eyes.

  19. old64goat says:

    Thanks I appreciate that, YEA i will? keep stuffin’ my face and making videos IF YT don’t fail me, I had another failure “unknown Error” again today. GRRRRR!

  20. brucecore says:

    even though i know you’re not even trying to be different…you just do you….your videos are soo unique and make me feel like I’m hangin with ya just driving around. never stop making videos and stuffing your face. I’d miss you too much. ?

  21. old64goat says:

    Hi Jerry, I went back to the Nook today but the A/C was off, I get? sick to my stomach when it is hot and humid.
    Thanks for stopping by Jerry, always great to have you stop by.


    Hello Bill,I really enjoyed this,I could see you in the window,very creative my friend,I always enjoy your videos,unfortunately we all have to pay taxes.Enjoyed ? the ride,you’re a good guy. Jerry

  23. old64goat says:

    Glad you enjoyed the? ride.

  24. old64goat says:

    @larrypetree Thank You very? much.

  25. old64goat says:

    I was going to add you as a friend but when I click on your screen name it? does not show your channel.

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